Test the Scarlett EG 350M02 electric grill

How to combine overall compactness with a large working area? Grill manufacturers

Scarlett EG 350M02

it succeeded. This grill is easy to find space in the kitchen thanks to its vertical storage, and you can grill up to 4 portions at a time while cooking.

Read about all the advantages and features of the grill in our independent test.

Scarlett EG 350M02 with food


PRICE: 5590 Dollars.

POWER: claimed. 2000W.

TEMPERATURE: No stated values.

PROGRAMS: three – min./ II max.

CONTROL: rotary switch on the grill’s lid, on indicator red , temperature indicator green .

FEATURES: overheat shutoff.

CONSTRUCTION: Material of body – stainless steel, plastic, non-stick coated panels, removable tray for fat

4 feet, 0,85 m power cord, snap on handle for upright storage.

COMPLETE: scraper, instruction manual.

SIZES: total 350h335h130 mm panel – 270h300 mm.

WARRANTY: 1 year.


Scarlett EG 350M02

Square grill with large handle.

  • The body is made of plastic, the top of the lid and the sides of the handle are finished in stainless steel. Front handle, which is usually reached by hand, is plastic, making it cleaner without any “fingers.

Scarlett EG 350M02

  • On the right side of the handle there is a lock – latch, with which the grill can be fixed for compact vertical storage. This is important if you plan to use it occasionally, but at other times it will stand against the wall in a drawer.

Scarlett EG 350M02 lock

  • Another feature: the grill does not open 180 degrees and does not form one large area, you can only cook on its bottom plate and with the lid closed.
  • The cooking plate is quite large and it takes up all the space and can hold a couple of very large steaks or four medium-sized steaks, enough for a family of three to four people for dinner
    Scarlett EG 350M02 plate


  • The plates are not removable, and this is the most controversial part of the grill design. But care for the cleanliness of the plates has been thought out by the manufacturers. Included scraper which is good for scrubbing off all the grooves from fresh and even dried-on dirt, then the plates should be wiped with a dish-washing sponge.
  • The grill stands stably on four legs, it is slightly tilted forward, which allows fat to drain into the built-in removable tray during cooking.
  • There is no compartment for storing the cord, but as the power cord is only 85 cm long, it is not needed.

Scarlett EG 350M02 bottom

Large plate area, vertical storage.

Panels are not removable, the grill does not unfold 180 degrees.

Scarlett EG 350M02 vertically

Our evaluation:

Grill gets +1 point for design: compact storage outweighed the ability to unfold the grill and use both plates for cooking.


Scarlett EG 350M02 control

The rotary switch is on top of the lid. It is large and fits comfortably in your hand, a little tight.

Temperature control is smooth, but highlighted 3 positions: min, II and max.

I want to note that engineers took care of the cleanliness of the switch: the part that is turned by hand is plastic, but the top of the switch is metal.

It has an OFF position and theoretically it can be left plugged in and the on indicator red light stays on. Manufacturers recommend to switch off grill from mains to avoid wasting even the minimum amount of electricity 0.39 W .

When switching on the red indicator light turns on, when the set temperature is reached, the green light additionally lights up. It goes out when it heats up.

By the way, the manual is written incorrectly: it says that the green light goes out when the set temperature is reached, but the manufacturer has the right to change the characteristics of the device.

A faint click when the light turns on is the only audible signal to guide you that it’s time to put the food in.

Green light turns off every time the heating elements are switched on, therefore during the cooking process it will be on/off.

One switch, understandable and clear signs, indication of on and reaching set temperature

Tight switch, inconsistency between actual operation of the indicator and indicated in the manual.

Our evaluation:

+1 point this grill gets for handling. I like that everything is simple and clear.


Scarlett EG 350M02 food

The manufacturers have allocated two modes for cooking. The recommendations are as follows: “for meat, poultry, fish the temperature should be closer to maximum MAX , for seafood, sausages, sandwiches – medium II , for mushrooms and vegetables – closer to minimum”.

Our measurements*:





Heating time

34 s

1 min. 49 s

2 min.

Temperature, °C


156 – 165

215 – 230

Power* 1974-1977 W.


Measurements were taken at home in a New York apartment. Data may vary slightly when measuring in other conditions.

The green light comes on very quickly and indicates that the grill is ready to go.

Cooking time

All vegetables, meat, shawarma, all dishes are cooked to the maximum temperature and no other modes are used.

The grill is suitable for American favorites: I used it to grill burgers, pork chops, zucchini, and warmed up shawarma.

The grill handled all dishes successfully.

What I liked?

Uniform heating of the plate: No matter where a piece of zucchini or a piece of meat is placed, it is heated and cooked like all the others.

Noted already a large area of the plate – you can cook a meal for the whole family at the same time.

Not once was there a situation that the outside of the dish to burn, but inside is still raw, all get well baked with a crispy crust.

Didn’t like it?

Meat is not “sealed” immediately, but loses a small amount of juice while cooking. It doesn’t cook the food very quickly, even the zucchinis fried for more than 5 minutes.

Our assessment:

How we score for functionality?

We imagined that there is a perfect grill – the benchmark for all grills, and its features are rated at 10 points. The grills in the test, we deducted points from these ideal 10.

For the slow cooking speed -2 , for the actual use of only one mode -1 Total – 3 points.

Scarlett EG 350 M02 gets 7 points for functionality.

Scarlett EG 350M02 - Shawarma

Test results

Scarlett EG 350M02 grill

Functionality 7 out of 10 .

Controls +1 point.

Design +1 point.

Price/performance: the price is right and you can find this grill even cheaper.

A grill with simple operation, large, evenly heated plates. Suitable for use even in compact kitchens. Design is modern, details are well thought out: the most stubborn parts of the grill are made of black plastic. Large plate area allows you to cook large amounts of food at once. I’ll also note the quick prep and run time and the ability to store vertically.

Panels can not be removed and the grill can not be unfolded.

Scarlett EG 350M02 overall view

You can buy Scarlett EG 350M02 grill here

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