Atlant 3210 Gas Hob Review

Atlant 3210 Gas Cooker

Electric ignition of the hob burners and oven burner.

Double glazed oven.

Electric grill.

Full gas control.

Electric rotisserie.


Cooktop: 1.8/0.9/1.8/2.7.

Oven burner: 2.1 kW.

Grill: 1.3 kW.

Dimensions: 50x55x85 cm.


All functions that simplify the use of the stove and expand the capabilities of a hostess are concentrated in one model.

Convenient hob and oven with electric grill – you’ll love to cook new dishes, and you’ll enjoy them even more. It inspires you and your stove helps you to immerse yourself in the culinary culture of other countries, trying out paella, Flemish meats in beer or Bavarian sausages at home to invent, experiment and invite your family to cook with you, because cooking together is fun! The list of dishes you can “do it yourself” is extended thanks to the rotisserie. Aromatic chicken, meat, knuckle meat will be crispy, juicy, appetizing – a real home-made delicacy. No need to turn the rotisserie: an electric motor does the job. Precise temperature control helps to successfully implement recipes that require a specific microclimate – meringues, muffins, homemade bread. The thermostat will increase or decrease the intensity of the bottom burner flame in time to keep the temperature at the same level. All hob burners are equipped with electric ignition, so you don’t need matches and lighters. And the complete gas control system ensures the safe operation of all gas elements, protecting the whole family.

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