Atlant 2208-03 Glass Cover Gas Hob Review


Comfortable positioning of burners, ignition, gas control oven, sliding drawer for accessories, adjustable feet.

Large appliances for kitchen

No rotisserie.

Atlant 2208-03 gas stove with glass lid

Gas stove with a glass lid


HOB: 4 gas burners. Front left 1.6 kW, far left 1.6 kW, front right 2.7 kW, far right 0.9 kW.

OVEN: gas, capacity 43 liters, average t in the center of the working space from 135 ° to 270 ° C, burner 2.1 kW lighting.

CONTROL: mechanical, burner power control, electric ignition of panel burners, gas oven control, oven temperature indicator, mechanical timer.

CARING: traditional, separate grids on the hob, removable door.

SECURITY: oven gas safety device, double door glass.

ACCESSORIES: grid, standard tray, deep pan, temperature indicator, pull-out drawer for storing dishes.

COLOR: white.

SIZES: 500x550x850mm.

WEIGHT: 33 kg.

WARRANTY: 3 years.


Many customers prefer simple solutions to which they have become accustomed over the years. This model has only the most necessary functions. At the same time, the stove looks quite attractive, the controls and buttons are made large, easy to use for people of any age, the table closes the glass lid.


Four burners. They are located conveniently enough. A powerful 2.7 kW large burner is installed in the right front for rapid heating of large pots and pans, such as kettles, pots, pans and griddles. It is used almost constantly, so it has the easiest place to access. Behind it, in the back row, there is a small burner, which is only on for a short time and not very often, to boil a cup of coffee or a couple of eggs. Left side consists of two identical elements with medium power. The front is suitable for cooking foods that require constant attention, such as pancakes and croquettes. The bottom one is ideal for long cooking phases: braising, steaming, poaching, long cooking phases such as cold cuts or delicate meats.

The burners of the hob are equipped with an electrical ignition system, because these elements are used many times a day and ignition is very useful for the housewife. According to its type it belongs to the two-handed, that is, it is turned on with two hands: one press the ignition button, the other lightly this is a kind of protection against accidental turning on , and then turn the regulator burner. The elements are equipped with a piezo spark plug that produces a spark to ignite the flame.

The intensity of the flame is variable, depending on the level of heat needed at that moment. The controls have a fixed low flame position which helps you turn down the heat to minimum in one motion.


The bottom burner allows cooking in the oven. It has enough power to heat the oven interior quickly. The oven is not equipped with a thermostat, the microclimate is controlled by a thermometer placed on the door glass.

The oven burner is ignited with a match or a kitchen lighter. The oven has a gas safety system, which prevents fuel leakage in case the flame accidentally goes out.


The control panel combines the burner controls for the hob with a spark plug. Oven knob and mechanical timer on left side. It helps to keep track of cooking time, and also serves to remind the hostess, for example, that it is time to look in the oven or remove food from the freezer. The device is designed for 60 minutes and can be used for all processes in the kitchen, including non-cooking.

6990 Dollars.

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