An overview of the Atlant PHE 3210 gas stove with electric grill

Atlant PGE 3210-01 Gas Hob

Full electric ignition, even oven temperature, gas control, grill, rotisserie.

Large appliances for the kitchen

Only basic functions.


HOB: 4 gas burners. Front left 1.6 kW, far left 1.6 kW, front right 2.7 kW, far right 0.9 kW.

OVEN: gas, capacity 43 l, max. T 250° C, 2.1 kW burner, 1.3 kW electric grill rotisserie, lighting.

CONTROL: mechanical, burner power knobs, oven thermostat knob, button for the electrical ignition, indicating grill button, timer knob, light/screwbar knob.


CARING: traditional, smooth enamel, removable door.

SAFETY: oven gas safety device, 2 door glasses.

ACCESSORIES: grid, deep pan, tray, rotisserie.

COLOR: white.

SIZES: 500x550x850mm. WEIGHT: 33 kg.

WARRANTY: 3 years.

PRICE: 8390 Dollars.


The burners of the hob have three power settings: medium on the left, low on the back right, and high on the front right.

The oven has a large bottom burner, which is designed to cook most dishes, and also has a grill. This is an electric heater, which has the peculiarity that it heats the food directly instead of the air. Sufficiently intensive heating is provided, thanks to which the food is crispy and browned on its surface. The element is always on at full power but it is not necessary to keep the door ajar.

You can spit-roast large cuts of meat or poultry in the oven. The rotisserie can be used in any mode. It is connected to an electric motor to provide uniform rotation for baking or browning the food from all the barrels.

Burner and grill cannot be used at the same time which is typical of grills in general .


The hob is equipped with a set of features that will simplify daily use. Burners of the worktop and the oven burner are equipped with a two-hand electrical ignition, to use it, press the ignition button and at the same time, press and turn the knob slightly. Each burner has a piezo spark plug to ignite the flame. Flame output of the hob burners is freely selectable, infinitely adjustable. Power of the burner of the oven is determined automatically according to the temperature chosen by the user, and with the help of a special device – thermostat – its value will be kept at the set level.

Simply press the button to activate the grill and the lighted indicator lights up to help you orient the settings at a glance.

To control the time, the appliance has a timer, it is designed to count down certain time intervals, they may not be associated with the work of the stove. An audible signal sounds after the time selected by the hostess.


Inherent to all models of the manufacturer – versatile and suitable for most classic kitchens or cozy modern interiors.

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