Atlant 2208 Gas Hob Review

Large appliances for the kitchen

Convenient placement of burners, electric ignition of the hob burners, gas control oven, nice design, long warranty.

Big kitchen appliances

No rotisserie.


HOB: 4 gas burners. Front left 1.6 kW, far left 1.6 kW, front right 2.7 kW, far right 0.9 kW.

Atlant 2208 Gas Hob

Oven: gas, capacity 43 l, max temperature 250 ⁰C, burner 2,1 kW lighting.

CONTROL: mechanical, burner power control, oven controller, temperature indicator, timer.

CARING: traditional, grill on the hob, glass front of the door on the outside, removable door.

SAFETY: oven gas safety device, door with two heat-resistant glasses.

ACCESSORIES: grid, 2 trays normal and deep , temperature indicator.

COLOR: white.

FIGURES: 500x550x850 mm.

WEIGHT: 33 kg.

WARRANTY: 3 years.


A budget version of the stove with a range of useful features. One of them is the electric ignition of the burners on the hob. Two-handed type, i.e. switching it on by both hands, pressing the ignition button with one hand and lightly pressing the other this is a kind of protection against accidental switching on and then turning the knob on the burner. The elements are equipped with a piezo spark plug which produces a spark to ignite the flame.

A second convenience of the stove is the logical placement of the hob elements. There are three kinds – two medium ones, they are on the left side, one powerful one in the front on the right, and behind it a small one. The small one is used quickly and not very often – to make a cup of coffee or a couple of eggs, so it stands behind. Powerful is needed all the time, bringing water to the boil including in the kettle , boiling dumplings, frying in large pots.

The middle elements are needed for stewing, cooking soups, on them the hostess will bake pancakes and cheesecakes, fry not very large portions of food. One element at the front for better accessibility, the other at the back for dishes that do not require much attention

Another advantage of the stove is the timer, it helps to keep track of cooking time, and serves to remind the hostess, for example, that it’s time to look in the oven or remove food from the freezer. The oven has a 60-minute operating time and can be used for all cooking processes, even non-cooking ones.

Oven equipped with one large burner, ignited with the usual method with matches. Burner is quite powerful, it quickly heats the oven air to the desired temperature, track this temperature with the help of the thermometer on the door glass.

The oven is equipped with a gas leakage control system, which is uncommon in budget stoves. The system prevents dangerous situations that can occur if the flame goes out. Control is performed by means of a thermocouple, it monitors the burner temperature: if it drops sharply, the fuel supply is cut off. The oven has a backlight.

The device has a nice universal design that blends well with classic and modern kitchens. Regulators are big and easy to grasp, but also quite nice. Door with glass on the outside and slightly curved door handle.

The drawer under the oven is retractable, while inexpensive stoves often have a drawer with a hinged door.

7 199 Dollars.

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  1. Juniper

    I would like to know more about the features and performance of the Atlant 2208 Gas Hob. How does it compare to other gas hobs in terms of functionality and durability? Are there any specific safety features incorporated in this model?

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