Zyxel Cloud Email Security for Small and Medium Business

Zyxel Networks announces new SaaS Cloud Email Security CES solution for small and medium-sized businesses SMBs that practice telecommuting.


Over the past year and a half, many sectors have moved to a remote workforce model. While this model has obvious advantages, it poses serious challenges for system administrators in SMBs. Ensuring reliable protection of corporate data and infrastructure from unknown threats with limited budget and resources.

An 2021 study commissioned by U.S. company Verizon showed that email servers were among the top three resources most likely to fall victim to cyberattacks in 2020, which is why SMB companies need to make them more secure. Zyxel Cloud Email Security helps SMBs protect their email servers from cyberattacks without having to change their existing network infrastructure.

The solution integrates antivirus, phishing and spam protection along with TLS encryption. It provides system administrators with a comprehensive cloud-based email security solution. Ideal for securing geographically dispersed staff against the growing number of cyberthreats.

All the control you need from the cloud

To simplify SMB email server security, the solution is deployed in the cloud, so there is no additional hardware to deploy and it is compatible with the company’s existing network and security infrastructure. With Zyxel CES, the email service never stops working, so you can stay in touch with your customers and employees.

Full-featured dashboard provides system administrators with all the capabilities to manage, monitor and analyze user activity and mailbox performance to quickly identify potential threats without the need for information security experts.

Flexible 24×7 email protection

Zyxel CES is a convenient and flexible subscription service that can be licensed for 5, 10, 25 and 50 users as a customer’s business grows. CES is fully compatible with cloud-based systems such as Office 365 and Google, and email servers deployed within the enterprise IT infrastructure. Ensures your network is secure no matter where your staff or servers are located.

Nathan Yen, senior vice president AVP of the Zyxel Gateway SBU division, commented:

“You can’t ignore the challenges small business network administrators face today. Their area of responsibility has expanded considerably recently, and because of the shift to remote working, with employees working at different sites and in different regions, they lack the ability to protect the network from cyber threats that are becoming increasingly dangerous. To address this challenge, we developed Cloud Email Security to help small and medium-sized businesses secure their networks as they transition to hybrid mode over the long term.”.

Zyxel CES license available from Zyxel Marketplace or channel partners.

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    What specific features does Zyxel Cloud Email Security offer for small and medium businesses, and how does it address common email security threats faced by these organizations?

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