Zepp to debut at CES 2021

Zepp, a professional developer of digital devices designed to monitor users’ health and improve their quality of life, is exhibiting at CES 2021. Zepp unveils its latest developments: the flagship Zepp Z, as well as the Zepp E Square and Zepp E Circle.


Zepp E Square and Zepp E Circle

Development & Innovation

The Zepp smart watch was released in August 2020 and in just four months has conquered markets in more than twenty countries in North America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. They are also available on the Zepp and Amazon websites.

Zepp has quickly gained market acceptance with a unique wearable sensor device for monitoring and analyzing data. Zepp smartwatches have allowed athletes, including professional golf, tennis and baseball players, to significantly improve their performance.

In 2020, the company’s mission was to give users control over their health. Zepp uses algorithmic AI systems to develop powerful hardware, software and data analysis capabilities. Smart watch Zepp not only monitors the body and physical activity, but also analyzes the data and timely warns users of possible problems.

Zepp improves quality of life In November 2020, the Zepp brand partnered with the World Sleep Society to publish the Global Sleep Study. Respondents to the study reported that they were sleeping less well because of anxiety caused by the pandemic, and expressed a desire to improve their quality of sleep. Many agreed that listening to soothing music helps you fall asleep, and Zepp gave users the option to create their own personal lullaby.

Zepp cares not only about physical health but also about people’s psychological well-being and happiness. In December 2020, the company released its first reality web movie, Dimensions of Attraction, about the importance of human communication. Zepp team believes that attention to heart health will allow people to improve both psychological and physical health.


Zepp Z

Managing your health with a premium smart watch

In August 2020, Zepp E Square and Zepp E Circle were released, leveraging artificial intelligence and advanced technology to help users take maximum control of their health. The target audience of the series are professionals for whom a combination of style and practicality is important. The Zepp E features a black 3D glass display and ultra-thin metal case, a high-end design, and superior health monitoring functionality. Zepp E is packed with technology including sleep monitoring and blood oxygen saturation SpO2 monitoring.

Zepp Z were released in November 2020. This elegant premium watch is made of high-quality titanium alloy. Equipped with RISC-V chip, the device supports 90 sport modes controlled by the built-in Alexa voice assistant.

Using artificial intelligence and advanced technology, Zepp Z smart watch monitors and analyzes health indicators and all kinds of physical activity and can work for 15 days without recharging. Zepp Z helps people monitor their condition and improve their quality of life.

You can see the new Zepp product on the CES 2021 website starting January 12th

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