Why so many drugs when Icelandic moss grows in the forest??

Seventy-five thousand ! pharmacy chains offer us more and more names of medicines! Seventy-five thousand! Why so many? Primarily because these drugs often duplicate each other and at the same time have a narrowly directed effect. The human being, as a complex biological organism, is subject to many different diseases. And the list of them is constantly growing, as if nature were testing us. And – for cleverness. So long has man been looking for a universal remedy that can help with any disease – panacea.

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Icelandic moss Cetraria

Alas, official medicine and pharmaceutics is not yet able or does not want to give us such an effective remedy as Icelandic moss? to offer such medicine. And why?? After all, it means losing gigantic profits and profits, it means stopping a huge industry, it means closing hundreds of thousands of pharmacies around the world, and so on… But that doesn’t mean that drugs with the broadest spectrum of action don’t exist!

Mother-nature has given us a complicated problem and has given us a very easy answer to it: medicinal plants! Of course, none of them can be called a panacea in the full sense of the word, but still…

Icelandic moss Cetraria is just from the category of such effective plants. In fact, this inconspicuous lichen, a whole trove of beneficial substances and their compounds, trace elements, vitamins for the human body. That’s why it is able to cope with a whole list of different diseases that it specializes in treating. As a powerful immunomodulator Icelandic moss helps the human body in the fight against other diseases, outside, so to say, its main specializations.

Many buyers of moss have noted its side effects, and at the same time, extremely positive: treated tuberculosis, and at the same time corrected the quality of the blood, a man struggled with bronchitis, and at the same time, surprisingly quickly healed a broken bone. There are many examples. And more and more often, doctors, not having received the benefits of medicines, offer their patients Icelandic moss. Of course, it’s not a panacea, but still…

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