Icelandic moss: no contraindications

Between May holidays I went “on reconnaissance” to Karelian forest. First of all to see, smell, touch and chew Icelandic moss. Because this is one of our main and popular products “asTag” – only the real thing . Although in some places there was still snow in the lowlands and the soil was saturated with meltwater like a sponge, you could see that it had revived, the robber, went into force, in growth..

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Icelandic Moss

And next to it other medicinal herbs began to arrive, many of which are also offered by our company.

I walked through the woods, wandered, looked closely, listened. And here’s a thought. Literally every herb, even the most familiar to us, has, in addition to the therapeutic properties, and CONTRAINDICATIONS!

Here, for example, the well-known lingonberry leaves. It turns out that preparations of this plant should be taken with caution in cases of gastritis, stomach or duodenal ulcer, acute kidney failure, and people suffering from low blood pressure. Children under the age of 12 should not take lingonberry leaf at all.

Icelandic moss – the “healer” of quite a wide range of applications. You have bronchitis, whooping cough, tuberculosis, inflammation, ulcers, gastritis, dysbacteriosis..

And here is another extremely important, but little known curative property of Icelandic moss – its powerful immunomodulatory activity in relation to phagocytosis! For reference, phagocytes are specific cells of the immune system responsible for destroying everything harmful to the body at the cellular level.

True, in this capacity are used more plants, such as ginseng or, for example, echinacea. Nothing against these and other plants, they really are excellent immunomodulators. I’m sure: Icelandic moss is the first among them! And simply underestimated .

But… This “but” is the whole point. Ginseng, for example, can not be taken in conjunction with a fairly large list of drugs, and echinacea – in the treatment of tuberculosis. What is it, ginseng – even the usual St. John’s wort has its own contraindications! How many of you know that long-term more than 3 months taking his medication leads to a decrease in potency in men? So there you go..

And now – the most important. Icelandic moss is one of the few plants that has no typical contraindications at all! And then you can rely on it to keep you from asking questions later on.d. can safely take both pregnant women and nursing mothers, and infants!

Yes, I advise a maximum of three to four months of preparations of Icelandic moss, which can be repeated if necessary after small breaks. But this recommendation, for the most part, is reinsurance.

Besides, in the treatment of serious diseases tuberculosis, for example , a course of taking preparations of Icelandic moss allows for regular tests and clearly monitor the results of treatment. And they – I have no doubt – for the vast majority will be successful. Good health to you all!

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  1. Seraphina

    Is it safe to consume Icelandic moss without any known side effects or possible interactions with medications?

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