Vitrified ceramic hobs: to do or not to do?

Electric stoves

The vertical of heat

Fiberglass is not only beautiful, but also very comfortable. A single glass ceramic hob actually has a long service life.

However, the glass-ceramic is not so long appeared on the market, that is why there are questions and uncertainties. But remember how long it took you to fry eggs on an electric stove with cast-iron pancakes, how long you waited for the broth to boil. And now these tasks can be completed in minutes.

Of course, first of all the heating elements have changed, but the coating material plays a significant role too. After all, the special value of glass ceramic is in its thermal conductivity properties.

– It conducts heat vertically well and horizontally comparatively less, so that the electricity heats the bottom of the pot to a greater extent and the cooking space to a lesser extent. By reducing heat loss, the efficiency of the stove has increased.

– Using glass ceramic reduces the overall power consumption of your stove.

– Fiberglass ceramic cools down quickly, i.e. it has a low inertia. That’s why it doesn’t take long now before the temperature on the burner actually drops when you lower the power on the rotary knob. Before it was only possible on a gas stove.

– The burners can now change the heating zone. And it is possible just on the flat surface of glass ceramic plate. Cookware with different bottom diameters can now be placed on the same burner not simultaneously, of course , which leads to economical and reasonable use of energy.

– The burner can now not only change size, but also shape. It is possible to cook in oval pots made of heat-resistant glass, duck pans and casseroles.

And we shouldn’t forget about aesthetics

Fiberglass has changed the way we think about the stove. Its smooth, matte finish gives kitchens a sleeker, more professional appearance. And heavy pans don’t need to be lifted – they just need to be moved around.

And apparently, you have to get used to the idea that vitrified clay has become a part of our everyday life. Fiberglass ceramic cooktops are proliferating, gradually replacing enameled tops and taking over new spaces. Now people prefer to make gas cookers as ceramic-glass or glass ones. Glass-ceramic gas stoves are becoming available. That’s why the care of glass ceramic cookware is just as important.

Red heat cookware

Cookware with an aluminum or copper bottom is not suitable for use on the ceramic glass top. It leaves indelible stains on the stove.

Pots and pans should have smooth, solid bottoms. Roughness can leave scratches and abrasions.

The diameter of the cookware must be slightly greater than the diameter of the burner.

Saucepans or kettles need to be on the cooking zone before you turn it on. The bottom should be dry and clean.

The glass ceramic must be cleaned

You clean the cooking surface after every use, when it is still a little warm or when it has cooled down completely. You can’t clean a hot plate. The only exceptions are sugar jam , plastic, foil. Remove dirt immediately with a scraper.

It is recommended to take care of glass ceramic with special agents, they are good for removing limescale, traces from drops of water, grease stains, and metal traces. Do not use harsh detergents such as grill or oven sprays, abrasive detergents, or pan cleaners.

For light soiling use a damp cloth and a few drops of detergent. After cleaning, the surface is wiped dry. Heavy soiling from molten materials is gathered with a scraper from a hot surface if it has already cooled down, it is recommended to heat it up again , after cooling down, you can clean it in the usual way.

Frames of glass ceramic surfaces, made of metal, should be protected from vinegar and lemon juice, descalers, they lead to the appearance of matte stains that can not be removed.

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