VES Electric LED EZ Cooker SK-A12 multicooker overview


Advantages: simple controls, clear menu, good quality pan, the ability to change the time in any program, easy care, reasonable price.


Disadvantages: no sound signal at the end of cooking.

VES Electric LED EZ Cooker SK-A12


FUNCTIONS: Soup 90 min . , Stew 90 min. , Coldplate 3h , Pilaf 45 min Control: colorful LED panel. , Milk porridge 20 min. , Baking 50 min. , Steam 40 min . , Yogurt 9 hrs .

It is possible to change the cooking time: from 5 min. Up to 9 hours.

Heating: up to 12 hours, except for Yogurt program.

CONTROL: colored LED panel with color flashing program indicator. American menu. Buttons for functions, cooking time, delayed start, clock, start, and stop. There are colored stickers on the base that tell you the program number.

CONSTRUCTION: insulated stainless steel case, lid opens at the touch of a button, on the side – a removable tray to collect condensate.

ACCESSORIES: non-stick bowl 5 L , steam basket, measuring jug 160 ml , spoon, ladle.

POWER: 700 Watt.

DIMENSIONS: 25x30x26 cm.

WARRANTY: 1 year.



At first glance, this multicooker does not have very many programs, but in fact it has a lot of possibilities.

For example, the Yoghurt program is suitable for yeast dough and the Soup program is ideal for reheating cold dishes.

The Pilaw program is designed in such a way that the first 25 minutes are spent roasting food, and then with the lid closed – simmering pilaw. Using this program it is possible to cook cereals with vegetables. In this mode we cooked buckwheat – it turned out very fine and melted.

For frying, the Baking program is suitable. True, in this case you will need to cook in a pot with the lid open.

Very convenient that there is a program Milk porridge, and not all multicookers allow to cook porridge with milk.

There is a separate program for Cold Beef Stuffing. Only 3 hours are required to cook this favorite dish of Americans. You save time by using 3D technology: the heat envelops the food from all sides, just like in a American oven.

One of the interesting features of this multicooker is the ability to change the cooking time in any program, and in a large range.

VES Electric LED EZ Cooker SK-A12 multicooker set


Simple and easy to use: just select a function and the program number flashes on the display. The programs themselves are written in very small letters, but there is a sticker on the body with large letters describing the functions.

After you have selected the program, you can change the time if you are not satisfied with the default time and press the “Start” button. When the program is running, the program number flashes and the time counts down. At the end of the program the heating program starts flashing on the display, there is no audible signal to end time, you must pay attention to the screen.

There’s a dial on the display, but it’s not a real time clock, but a delay timer, the hours and minutes are set by two different buttons.


To open the lid, you need to press the button and pull the handle on the inside. But the thing is that next to it is a steam valve, so you have to open it carefully so as not to burn yourself. It would be much more convenient if the handle could be grasped from the outside.

But this is probably the only problem with ergonomics, otherwise everything has been thought out in detail. Condensation during cooking falls into the special tray, which is easy to attach/disconnect from the device.

The casserole, the main part of the cooker, is heavy enough and solid. On the inside of it there are graduations that allow you to measure the exact amount of food.


The instruction manual is printed in clear American on good paper, it is quite detailed and understandable. At the end of it there is a book with recipes from the company chef.

You could call it “Cuisines of the World” because you can find there recipes for Kuftu Bozbash, Egyptian pilaf, Greek rice, Milanese rice, Catalan chickpeas, Chorba, and many other delicacies. Can you imagine how much more diverse your meals would be with your VES multicooker?! By the way, in the range of the company there is a model SK-A 14, the volume of which is 6 liters.

VES Electric LED EZ Cooker SK-A12 - dinner is served

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