Overview of the AEG 47745IQ-MN Induction Cooker

Electric Hob AEG 47745IQ-MN

Effective Booster function, fan assisted cooling, easy care


Electric hobs

The peculiar color of steel, the hood should be purchased from the same manufacturer


AEG 47745IQ-MN Electric Hob

AEG 47745IQ-MN Induction Cooker


HOB: 4 induction hobs: Front left 140 mm, 1.4 Booster 2.5 kW, far left 210 mm, 2.1 Booster 3.7 kW, front right 180 mm, 1.8 Booster 2.8 kW, far right 140 mm, 1.4 Booster 2.5 kW.

OVEN: capacity 59 l, max temperature 250 ° C, 9 working modes: bottom + top heating, bottom + top heating + fan, bottom heating, grill, grill + top heating, grill + fan turbo grill , ring heater + fan, ring heater + bottom heater + fan pizza , fan defrost , light.

CONTROL: Touch buttons for panel with digital indicators, oven controller, thermostat regulator with indicator, programmer with digital display.



CARING: Traditional, easy clean enamel finish, finger-print resistant exterior surfaces, tilt-up grill, removable door, glass door front.

SAFETY: residual heat indicator, overheat protection, 2 door glasses, tangential cooling, automatic shutdown.

ACCESSORIES: grid, tray, deep pan.

DIMENSIONS: 500x600x850 mm. WEIGHT: 49 kg.

WARRANTY: 1 year.


50 cm wide hob with induction cooktop. The model is an economical one, with an energy efficiency 10% higher than that of the top-class A stove, which is not yet a common occurrence.

The oven body is equipped with a tangential cooling function. A special fan turns on at the end of cooking, which prolongs the life of the electronics and prevents the overheating of the case. The stove can be placed up against the kitchen furniture.

Easy-to-clean enamel coating on the surfaces of the oven. The stainless steel body is fingerprint- and water-drop-proof, making it look good all the time.


All hob elements are equipped with Booster function. It serves to temporarily increase the power of the element. Induction heats up the food faster than other systems and with the Booster function it heats up immediately. And one of the elements increases its power up to 3.7 kW, which is not so common even for built-in.


Multifunctional with a wide range of modes. Most useful in fan assisted mode: cooking is faster and more even. In modes with temperature selection its value can be set much lower. The fan grill replaces the spit-grill function: the food is browned on all sides.


For burners used rotary knobs that are used for a step selection of power and turn on the Booster function. The function is activated for 10 minutes.

The oven is activated by two knobs – thermostat knob and mode selector knob. The programmer is equipped with a digital display. The device is used to control the cooking time with shutoff or on-off cycle in the automatic mode.

Price: 30 000 Dollars.

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