Multicooker Galaxy GL2651 – pressure cooker, cold cuts, well, the hostess – well done!

Simbirsk-Crown presents Galaxy 2651 pressure cooker, which allows to cook any dish many times faster than in a usual multicooker or pot. Cooking with such a versatile device will not be difficult and enjoyable at all. Galaxy pressure cooker has an innovative Non-stick coated bowl, which cooks the food evenly and prevents it from burning.


Galaxy GL2651 pressure cooker. Volume – 5 l. 900 Watt power. Working pressure of 70 kPa.

Among 8 cooking programs the “Cold Beef” program is presented. Now, with the Galaxy pressure cooker you don’t have to spend 4-6 hours for cooking. Cold meat in 40 minutes – not a dream, but reality!

The “Steamer” function saves money on buying an additional appliance and saves space in the kitchen. An important pleasant point is the fact that the vessel for steaming food is made of high quality stainless surgical steel, which guarantees full environmental safety of your diet dishes.

Automatic temperature maintenance feature allows you to keep food hot for a long time. The functions of the pressure cooker include a timer and a delayed start of up to 25 hours.

The condensate container is removable and very easy to clean, even in the dishwasher. Convenient accessories made of environmentally friendly plastic spoon and measuring cup and a detailed recipe book are included.

The modern, stylish design, functionality and reliability of the Galaxy pressure cooker makes it your faithful helper when it comes to preparing tasty meals quickly and easily!

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