TS-PC RACER – The ultimate racing simulator for PC by THRUSTMASTER

New York, November 17, 2016. Thrustmaster gives top PC racers the ability to reach even higher levels of performance on the track with the brand new TS-PC Racer Simulator, the company’s latest creation that combines the base with next-generation technology and Thrustmaster’s first Open wheel. This product allows users to experience the widest range of sensations while racing.

Computers and peripherals


Fully innovative technology for high performance

In order to create a truly unique product and satisfy the most demanding PC racers, Thrustmaster decided to use a new dedicated motor, a 40W brushless motor with stunningly powerful dynamic effects and a high level of feedback and power feedback technology that was expertly optimized. This motor provides an exceptional vector of speed dynamic torque that is fully exploited in all racing conditions – from long turns with the engine blocked STALL mode to extremely precise zigzags DYNAMIC mode .

To provide this vector of motor speed at all times, Thrustmaster engineered a built-in cooling system: MCE*, which stands for Motor Cooling Embedded. This innovative technology keeps the motor at the right level of performance during quick power load changes, ensuring it does not overheat and making unnecessary noise. The result is a 50% improvement in responsiveness and a 4x increase in torque when the motor is stalled compared to other Thrustmaster rudders with power feedback.

In addition, in order to maintain motor dynamics in all racing conditions, the accuracy of the Thrustmaster H.E.A.R.T HallEffect AccuRate Technology with 16-bit resolution 65,536 values enhanced by the F.O.C. Field Oriented Control which dynamically optimises response for increased precision. In response to higher torque demands, the motor reacts dynamically, thus leveling out and preventing power loss.

Finally, another major innovation is the TURBO external power supply, specifically designed to deliver continuous power at a phenomenal 400W peak, enabling you to respond to game commands that demand high speed and very often high power. Toroidal power supply design offers, thanks to the absence of ribs, an optimized 86% energy efficiency.

Premium materials and super functional steering wheel design

Open wheel design for the new Thrustmaster TS-PC Racer system is highly realistic and ergonomic. In the center area, 6 buttons and a 3-position rotary switch with push button are very easily accessible. Materials used match the positioning of the product: handlebar grips are lined with suede, there is a metal plate in the middle, under the handlebar are sequential paddle shifters made of aluminum with a roughened surface. In addition, the steering wheel angle can be adjusted from 270° to 1,080°. Combined with the power of the motor, these materials provide an excellent weight/power ratio – for optimal inertia.

Full compatibility with the Thrustmaster racing ecosystem

When using the TS-PC Racer simulator, users can satisfy all their preferences according to the type of game, driving style or type of car used, as TS-PC Racer is fully compatible with the entire ecosystem of Thrustmaster racing products, including: Ferrari F1 Wheel Add-On, Ferrari Alcantara Wheel Add-On, T500 RS GT Wheel, TM Leather 28 GT Wheel Add-On…, TH8RS and TH8A gearboxes and T3PA and T3PA-Pro pedal boxes, and other commercially available pedal boxes with USB connectivity or equipped with a DB9 connector using the Thrustmaster DB9 PEDALS T adapter.RJ12 ADAPTER .

The unique design of the TS-PC Racer simulator offers a range of technologies, each of which is already a significant advantage. Combining these technologies in a steering system yields a truly exceptional product for racers striving for the top spot on the podium.

  • TS-PC Racer system goes on sale in February 2017. At a recommended retail price of 54,999 Dollars.

– Patent pending.

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