Turn your couch into a racing car seat – arm yourself with the official Thrustmaster T60 steering system for Playstation3!

New York, October 21, 2013. Thrustmaster’s new steering system, the T60 racing steering wheel with an official PlayStation3 license, is equipped in the most remarkable way and features an exclusive stand that allows gamers to hold the steering wheel in their lap.


The perfect solution to play anywhere

Two distinctive features of the T60 steering system are immediately apparent: the official PlayStation3 license and the knee-jerk support system. The official license guarantees that the T60 system meets the requirements of entertainment systems and brands and is optimally adapted for gaming. The steering wheel jumper is decorated with the distinctive official PS logo. In addition, the T60 system has a Home button in the center of the steering wheel, which accesses all the menus of the PlayStation3 console. The second characteristic feature is a unique mounting system that allows you to play from the comfort of your couch – a very attractive prospect! Simply place the steering wheel with the support system on your lap. Lateral “wings” hug the gamer’s hips for optimal steering stability. Regardless of the seat you choose, this system provides amazing comfort during the game. In addition, it can be removed and replaced with the usual desk mount system that comes with.

Ready for any challenge

Steering system T60 for PlayStation3 with an official license is easy to use, has excellent gaming performance and convenient software features: the transfer function for programming the steering wheel buttons, adjustable sensitivity level, linear steering resistance and auto-centering. Equally noteworthy are its design features: two paddle shifters on the steering wheel to control the sequential gearbox, one multi-position button and 12 ergonomic function buttons. Finally, the system comes with a pedal unit with two progressive pedals and a non-slip foot rest.

  • The T60 steering system for PlayStation3 with an official license will be available in December 2013. At a recommended retail price of 3,199 Dollars including VAT .
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