Thrustmaster introduces a new racing wheel with a Ferrari license: Racing Wheel Red Legend Edition

New York, September 24, 2013. Thrustmaster offers gamers a versatile controller to get the most out of the new racing games for PlayStation 3 and PC – the Ferrari Racing Wheel Red Legend Edition.

Computers and peripherals

The system’s exceptional versatility gives you the best possible combination of all

The new steering system with an official Ferrari license, the Ferrari Racing Wheel Red Legend Edition from Thrustmaster, has a versatile approach that many gamers will appreciate. The company’s goal is to give racing fans of PS3 and PC games a gaming experience with a powerful steering system that conveys the inimitable spirit of legendary cars.

The Ferrari Racing Wheel Red Legend Edition is compatible with all current and future racing games for PlayStation 3 and PC and offers unprecedented performance. It features a versatile, ergonomic design and exceptional performance on all tracks and types of racing. Unparalleled user comfort is provided by Ferrari’s textured red rubberized grip and ergonomic paddle shifters of the sequential gearbox, conveniently placed right on the steering wheel. They allow the user to shift gears quickly and easily without sacrificing speed and maneuverability. Adjustable steering sensitivity for finer control.

Well-designed pedal box system. It provides accurate acceleration and braking, and thus excellent maneuverability on all racing tracks. It features an optimized extended design, two pedals, and a wide footrest. Pedal angles can be adjusted for each pedal. In addition, the brake pedal provides progressive resistance with maximum realism and braking efficiency, which in many cases is crucial to winning a virtual race.

Full function package

The Ferrari Racing Wheel Red Legend Edition features built-in technology that allows for maximum speed performance: 2 programmable switches, 11 function buttons and a multi-position button. With Thrustmaster’s exclusive Bungee Cord and auto-centering, the steering wheel offers realistic linear response. The versatility of the steering system is expressed in its mounting system, suitable for all types of tables.

The Ferrari Racing Wheel Red Legend Edition steering system goes on sale at the end of September for a recommended retail price of €59.99.

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