The test of the Lasko Varberg LS-502-20 thermopot


MANUFACTURER: Switzerland China.

VOLUME: max. 3.5 l, min. 0,5 l.

POWER: 750 Watt during boiling, “N” during maintaining temperature. d.

FUNCTIONS: slow boiling of water, maintaining temperature 68, 85, 98 ° C .

TIME: full volume boiling temp. T water 17° C – 20 min.Test the Lasko Varberg LS-502-20 thermostat boiling again from 85°C – 2 min.Accuracy of temperature control modes – 5 ° C.

CONTROL: buttons for re-boiling, refrigeration, temperature setting, lock release, automatic water supply indicators in heating mode, mode of maintaining temperature.

FEATURES: stainless steel case, rotating base.

WATER SUPPLY MODE: Electric pump, hand pump, switch pressed with a cup .

DIMENSIONS: diameter 73/80 cm, height 34 cm.

WARRANTY: 1 year.


Pros of

1. You can choose between three temperature settings. The default setting is 85 ° C. True, the temperature measurement showed that it can vary within 5 ° C of the specified value.

2. Automatic water button on the side of the hob. Its operation is blocked by an electronic lock. To fill the water, you must first press the lock button, then the water button. This makes the appliance completely safe: you cannot press the button accidentally and get burnt by boiling water.

3. Automatic cooling mode: for the water to cool down to 20-25 ºC after boiling, you do not need to pull the plug out of the socket – just press the button.

4. The device rotates in either direction thanks to the wheels on the base.

5. Although it has a large capacity, the minimum level boils only half a liter of water.


No power button: the device starts boiling water immediately after you plug it in.


This device is suitable for a large family or company: in the cold winter it is always possible to pour hot tea without boiling , and in the hot summer you will always have water or any other drink at room temperature.

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