Test of the VR ATP-403V thermopot


VOLUME: max. 4 l, min. 1 l.

POWER: 750 Watt during boiling, 70 Watt during temperature maintenance.

FUNCTIONS: slow simmering of water, temperature up to 98 °C coffee, tea, noodles

and. . , tea 85 °C Japanese tea , 60 °C baby food .

TIME: boiling a full volume start. 25 °C water temperature – 35 min.500 to 500 degrees Celsius 85 °C to 60 °C 55 to 60 °C REDMOND-CBM3400 is positioned as a premium model boiling for 5 min.Water temperature in heating mode 98 ° C – from 92 to 98 ° C 85 ° C – from 80 to 85 ° C 60 ° C – from 55 to 60 ° C.

CONTROL: Buttons for repeat boiling, temperature selection, unlocking the latch, automatic water feed, unlock indication, 4 × 2,5 cm LCD display showing the current and set temperature, indicating operation in the mode of heating, temperature maintenance mode.

FEATURES: stainless steel body, rotating base, illuminated reservoir window.

WATER SUPPLY WATER SUPPLY: Electric pump, spill button.

DIMENSIONS: diameter 78/83 cm, height 31 cm, width of the front plate 21 cm.


Pros of

1. Very user-friendly control system: When pouring cold water the current temperature is immediately shown on the display, then during the boiling process you can control how the water is heated.

2. The device has excellent thermal insulation: even after an hour and a half after turning off the thermopot the water temperature is 60 degrees.

3. For water to start flowing out of the faucet, you must unlock the electronic lock. Additional safety features: the power automatically turns off when there is no water in the kettle.

4. The blender rotates to either side thanks to the wheels on the base.

5. Very low noise level: The boiling point is indicated only by a melodic beep, no water noise.

6. Convenient and detailed instructions.

7. Beautiful backlighting of the scale.


1. No power button. The device must be turned on and off from the outlet.

2. No manual water pump.

3. Never boil less than one liter of water.


Wonderful thermopot with electronic controls and information display allows you to have 4 liters of hot water at your fingertips. The nice thing is that you can always know the temperature to within a degree. This is especially important for young mothers and for lovers of properly brewed tea.

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