The spirit of the great outdoors: the waterproof and shock-resistant Canon IVY REC

The Canon IVY REC is a rugged, easy-to-use camera with an interesting design that’s great for outdoor activities. It’s shock and waterproof, slips easily into a pocket, and clips onto a belt or bag. No moment can escape its lens! Canon IVY REC boasts a host of features, including Full HD 1080p movie capture at up to 60fps, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® connectivity, and USB charging. Features like these make it the camera to take with you everywhere.


Canon IVY REC weighs only 90 grams, but has a resolution of 13.0 Mpix. It allows adventurers to take high-quality Full HD photos and videos and store them on a microSD card. This lightweight and compact camera can be used underwater for 30 minutes at depths down to 2m, is drop resistant up to 2m and weatherproof. And the Canon IVY REC has no screen to shatter. Clip, which also serves as a viewfinder, allows you to clip the camera to your belt, bag, or sling so it’s easy to reach when you need it. The perfect choice for thrill-seekers.

The Canon IVY REC is a robust camera for extreme sports enthusiasts like skiing, skateboarding, water sports and mountain biking, as well as those who like to take it easy in nature. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity let you share what you’ve shot on social media sites in an instant. Simply install the free Canon Mini Cam app on your compatible iOS or Android device. In this app, you can also edit images and remotely control shooting from your smartphone in Live View mode.

If you don’t like to miss the highlights, but don’t want to shoot on your smartphone so as not to damage it, the Canon IVY REC is for you. This camera comes in four vibrant colors: Dragon fruit pink , Avocado green , Stone gray and Riptide blue .

The Canon IVY REC complements Canon’s popular Zoemini series, and joins a range of bright and innovative products designed specifically for the new generation who can’t imagine their lives without the internet. Canon focuses on entertainment, convenience and affordability, producing world-class products that enable content creators to unleash their creativity and share their experiences.

Price and affordability

The Canon IVY REC is available to order from the official Canon online store for 10999 Dollars.

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