The Olympus SZ-10 is a compact camera with a CCD sensor and stabilization system

The development of optical technologies completely cleared the market from classic ultrazooms: everywhere you turn – all offer either fantastic monsters with long “trunks” of 30x zoom, or small compact cameras without a handy grip and with a zoom of 10-12x. The new Olympus SZ10 isn’t meant to directly fill the gap between the former and the latter, but rather simply to offer buyers a nice ultrazoom with a comfortable large grip and an even more convenient low price point.

The Olympus SZ-10 compact camera

14 megapixel 28-504 18x 3″

An 18x zoom of 28-504mm covers both a wide angle for working in tight quarters or, conversely, in open spaces and a decent zoom for shooting athletes, birds and other usually distant subjects. The body of the camera is not particularly compact 106×67×38 mm , but it weighs less than two hundred grams and provides a comfortable grip – both due to its actual size, and received a noticeable, distinguished handle.

The device is equipped with a conventional CCD-matrix with a stabilization system , so that does not stagger the imagination neither speed performance, nor a special sensitivity available value of 3200 ISO is more like “a rainy day” . What, however, doesn’t prevent the camera from recording video 1280×720 pixels. Enjoyable viewing fresh photos and movies promises a 3-inch display with 460K resolution. points.

It is quite understandable that the camera is bursting with intellectual and creative proprietary technologies: scene and face detection, auto focus, contrast control and correction of dips in shadows, amazing proprietary “artistic filters” pop art, pinhole, soft focus, etc. . . The result is a very pleasant, versatile and convenient ultra-zoom for amateur photographers of all types and ages.

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