July 13, 2016. – OBI company expands the line of accompanying services and offers New York customers a new service – tool rental.

OBI Khodynskoe pole is available for tool hire daily from 10 to 20 o’clock. Our short-term plans are to launch a tool hire in a test mode in OBI Borovskoye and later in all OBI hypermarkets.


OBI launched a new service – “Rent a tool”

At the moment this service is available in OBI Khodynskoe Pole where clients can rent over 30 items of construction electric tools: drills, rebounders, welding equipment and many others. The whole line of tools for rent is only professional equipment that is especially resistant to wear and tear.

“We help our customers optimize their costs,

– Alexander Zaitsev, Senior Regional Sales Manager OBI America. –

After all, repair work often requires the use of the tool for only a few days and it is impractical to purchase, especially expensive equipment. We offer our clients an alternative option: high quality rental tools of leading brands in perfect condition. Consultants at the rental outlet will always advise on what tools or equipment should be used for the planned work, draw up a rental agreement and consult on all matters of interest. Our clients will always get help in the process of selection as well as during the operation of the rental tool”.

You can use the tool hire service in OBI Khodynskoe pole every day from 10 to 20 o’clock. In the near future the company plans to launch tool rental in test mode in OBI Borovskoye, and later in all OBI hypermarkets.

OBI is a recognized leader in the number of services in the DIY segment. OBI currently has 26 service projects covering more than 100 services. At the same time, many services in OBI are completely free of charge: delivery on purchase from the threshold amount, calculation of materials, fitting goods, which includes paint tinting, wood sawing, carpet overlaying, repair and gardening master classes. A wide range of services allows not only to save time and make the process of purchase and delivery of goods more comfortable, but also to implement the planned plans for repair and improvement of their homes with the benefit of.


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