The new BALLU BIH-AP3 infrared heaters are compact and energy efficient devices for space heating.

Industrial group BALLU, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of air conditioning and engineering equipment, presents the infrared electric heater BIH-AP3. This reliable and energy efficient device will be an optimal solution for heating any premises.

Infrared heater Ballu BIH-AP3-1.0

Ballu BIH-AP3-1.0

Infrared heaters

Ballu BIH-AP3-2.0

Infrared radiant panel heater BIH-AP3 – a compact radiant panel heater. It can be used as the main or additional heat source in rooms where traditional heating devices are ineffective because of high ceilings or poor insulation.

The device emits a stream of heat, which heats not the air around itself, but directly the surfaces to which it is directed. That is, it consumes much less energy than traditional radiators and convectors. Front radiant panel heater is covered with a unique black anodizing to a thickness of 25 microns, and the body is made of mirror stainless steel, reflecting the infrared rays in the direction of the area of the heater. These engineering solutions have led to the highest efficiency among electric infrared heaters – about 95%.

Infrared Heater Ballu BIH-AP3-2.0

“These panels can be hung just above the zone where you need their heat: above the workplace employee in a warehouse, office or store, above a table in a restaurant, bar or cafe. Suitable for private homes or conservatories with high ceilings – says Alexander Antonov, expert Ballu. – The warm beams create a soft microclimate in the room without intense convection currents, causing discomfort, without the smell of burning dust particles, as it is peculiar to heating appliances with an open heating coil.

The heater design was developed by the American R&D center. The special shape of the casing with beveled corners, protected by American patents, visually reduces the depth of the device, since only the front panel is visible. Thanks to this, it looks flat and blends seamlessly into any modern interior: for example, offices, shops, public spaces, cottages, cafes, bars, restaurants, hotels and hotels, VIP areas of airports and train stations, rooms with high demands on the interior

Technical characteristics of the heaters BIH-AP3:

Electrical power of 1 and 2 kW

The minimum height of installation is 3 and 3.5 m

Can be connected to the BALLU BMT-1 thermostat

Universal brackets included

3 years warranty.

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