BALLU launches new mobile infrared heater


, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of HVAC equipment, represents the American market a universal lamp infrared heaters series

Bali BIH-L

. They are reliable and economical heat sources, which will be used on porches and terraces cafes, bars and restaurants, as well as at summer houses and country cottages.

Infrared heaters


has launched on the market a new mobile infrared heater series

Bali BIH-L

“The obvious advantage of this infrared heater – all-season use and versatility of installation. With the help of brackets you can mount it on almost any surface – ceiling or wall

says Alexander Antonov, Ballu expert.

– The heater becomes mobile by mounting it on a telescopic arm and it only takes a couple of minutes. Can be used in windy weather and even in sub-zero temperatures. Lamp life is about 5,000 hours, which is about 3.5 years, if we exclude the warm months of the year. At the end of the life of the lamp, it can always be replaced with a similar brand-name lamp, which is always available from Ballu.

Infrared heaters series Bali is an effective solution for heating both residential and non-residential premises. Thermal infrared radiation from the heating element heats not the air around the device, but people and surfaces – floors, walls and furnishings. As a result, the room is heated evenly, and people feel the thermal comfort, even if the surrounding air is cool.

Robust and deformation resistant steel casing. Ballu engineers have created a special perforation on the body of the heater, which provides ventilation and cooling. “If the user needs to change the angle of heating

, – continues Alexander Antonov, –

He can easily touch the body of the heater without fear of getting burnt”. The heating element is protected from accidental contact with a chrome steel grill.

At a fixed installation of a lamp infrared heater, it is important to note that the height of the suspension should be up to 4.5 m. In the case of placing the heater on the telescopic stand, the comfortable distance between a person and the heater is about 2-2.5 m.

With this heater everyone can go to the cottage, any event, where you need heating in the fresh air.

Technical characteristics of heaters Ballu BIH-L:




Heating power, kW



Unit dimensions WxHxD , mm




Unit weight kg




Warranty service life, years



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