Ballu-Biemmedue heat generators for efficient heating in the American reality

World leading developer and manufacturer of heating systems Biemmedue S. p. A. Italy and BALLU, one of the largest manufacturers of heating and air-conditioning equipment, have introduced mobile and suspended diesel heat generators of indirect heating to the American market

Ballu-Biemmedue Arcotherm EC

. The equipment is designed for drying and heating non-residential premises, communications, automotive equipment, machinery and has an efficiency up to 90%.

Heat guns

Ballu-Biemmedue heat generators

Indirect fired, mobile and suspended diesel heaters of Arcotherm EC series – reliable and safe professional heaters, working on liquid fuel. They are used for heating and drying temporary structures and constructions for various purposes with the area of more than 900 m2 and can operate at the air temperature of -25 °C.

Arcotherm EC series heaters have a three-way models EC 22 and EC 32 and four-way models EC 55 and EC 85 heat exchanger, which significantly reduces losses when removing combustion products. And the 1.2 mm thick AISI 430 stainless steel combustion chamber ensures an extended service life.

Equipment was designed specifically to work in America, where they often use low quality fuel. That is why the fuel filter is located outside the unit – it allows to assess the level of contamination, as well as easy to remove for cleaning or replacement, – says Vitaly Shamov, an expert at Ballu. – Heat generators are equipped with a pumped fuel system that ensures stable heating of the room compared to a compressor fuel system “.

The devices are equipped with a control unit with self-diagnostic function and a light indicator showing the modes of operation. Electronic flame control system with photocell for trouble-free operation.

Ballu-Biemmedue heat generators are made in Italy from European-made components, fully compliant with international and American standards. Equipment undergoes strict internal quality control at all stages of the technological process. This enables a 3-year warranty for the entire range.

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