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THOMAS Genius S1

Vacuum cleaner with aqua filter for dry vacuuming and picking up liquids

Vacuum cleaners for dry vacuuming

CONDITIONS: it is a great vacuum cleaner that cleans not only the dust on the floor, but also in the air. Easy to operate, can handle any amount of work! The aquafilter allows you to breathe clean air during and after cleaning. Dust really becomes less. Washable HEPA filters, compact storage space, easy to maneuver while cleaning, easy to use on parquet flooring.

Disadvantages: The micro filter needs to be replaced every six months.

SUMMARY: great vacuum cleaner cleans the apartment not only from the dust on the floor, but also in the air. It is easy to work with, it can handle any amount of work!

Vacuum cleaners

POWER: min. – 650 W, ECO setting – 850 W, max. – 1 600W.

FILTERING: aqua filter with sponge filter and suction filter, motor protection filter, HEPA filter.

CONTROL AND INDICATION: on the body – electronic suction power control Touch-Tronic with LED indication, soft start, on the handle – mechanical suction power control, the button for unwinding the cord cord length – 8 meters .

CONSTRUCTION: 12 m range, 4 wheels: 2 small, 2 large, horizontal parking, vertical storage, telescopic tube with lock for parking position, overflow protection insert, carrying handle, storage compartment with removable cover.

CONTAINED: Carpet and floor nozzle with special pad for hardwood floors, nozzle for upholstered furniture, crevice nozzle, brush, wand nozzle.

COLOR: Navy blue. SIZES: 483x324x353mm. WEIGHT: 8,4 kg.


Floor cleaning hard surface

Surface type: parquet and ceramic tiles. The nozzle for carpets and floors has a special pad at manufacturers – pad for parquet. It is extremely handy: it slips easily onto the main attachment and slides over the floor, preventing it from scratching in the slightest. It’s easy to let even expensive, antique parquet flooring get in the way! It can be removed even when the vacuum cleaner is running.

Quality: 10 points.

Speed: 10 points.

Carpet cleaning

Type of coverage, pile length: carpet in the room, pile length 3 cm, the rug in the bathroom – pile length of 1 cm. The floor/mopper nozzle has a handy switch. To clean big carpets I had to set the power to a higher setting indicated by the yellow indicator . Carpet is cleaned fairly quickly, but had to work hard with a brush. For cleaning small carpets, the power was switched to a lower setting indicated by a green indicator . It was enough to pick up the dirt. The mat had to be held with my feet, even at reduced power vacuum cleaner tried to lift it. For cleaning delicate garments bedspreads, curtains, etc. .d. and small mats have a special mechanical power control on the tube. The more the sash is opened, the less the suction power will be.

Quality: big one – 9 points, small one – 10 points.

Speed: 9 points.

Cleaning of upholstered furniture

Type of coverage: flock. The upholstery brush moves easily across sofas and chairs, peering into the smallest corners. It is extremely compact, so it is a time-consuming task to vacuum a big sofa.

Quality: 10 points.

Speed: 9 points.

The main nozzle cleans hard-to-reach places

The floor nozzle is very narrow and lets you get into small gaps in the floor and can easily collect dust under the TV table, for example.

Quality: 10 points.

Speed: 10 points.

Crevice tool cleans hard-to-reach places

The crevice nozzle is very long, so it can get the dust out from under the fridge and all the hard-to-reach places. The ECO mode is even sufficient for this. And at maximum power, the nozzle pulled out a long lost…baby slipper from under the closet.

Quality: 10 points.

Speed: 10 points.

Switching power

Equipped with patented touch-tronic power switch system power varies depending on how long you press the on button . Power switch is on the body of the vacuum, so you have to bend down to change power. But you can switch the button with your foot and not lean over the vacuum cleaner, if that’s more convenient for you.

The button is soft, the light indicator allows you to see the set power, even for people with visual impairments. When the appliance is switched on again, it is set to the same power as before ECO mode automatically resets to the preset power after a few seconds . When reaching min or max, the indicator light goes out for a short time. There is a mechanical suction power control on the tube If during cleaning the vacuum cleaner has pulled in an edge of something lighter for example, cleaning the carpet, you grabbed a curtain ,

You don’t have to bend over to the nozzle, wrestle with it, taking away the curtain. Simply open the sash and clean the curtain. adjustments, and the edge of the retracted curtain is free. Manufacturers recommend to adjust the power just by the mechanical switch on the handle, t.k. such adjustment is the most convenient and absolutely reliable. And electronic adjustment is used to set before you start work, depending on the degree of soiling and acceptable noise level.

Convenience switch: 10 points.

Tank Convenience

The most interesting thing about Thomas vacuum cleaner: the tank represents a small bucket, in which 1 liter of clean cold water is poured before cleaning, and after cleaning – the dirty water is poured out. The bucket is very handy to take out and put back, it is easy to empty dirty water without spilling a drop.

It is necessary to clean and rinse the bucket after each cleaning – this is required by basic hygiene. When you look at how dirty the water becomes even after a short cleaning, you really get horrified with the amount of dust in our houses! The air returns to the room humidified: dust does not pile up like some vacuum cleaners. No need to air the room after cleaning.

In principle, a liter of water is enough to clean a 60 sq.m. apartment. m. Manufacturers recommend to change the water and rinse the tank after 40-60 minutes of continuous operation of the device. But I can assure you that at first you will often perform this operation because of simple curiosity: how dirty was the water after cleaning this or that place in the apartment, especially since the procedure itself is quite simple in action in the instructions it is described quite difficult, but in fact it takes a couple of minutes.

In addition, I very much liked that all the “eaten” vacuum cleaner little things: coins, toys from Kinder-surprises – perfectly visible in the water, you just take it out and that’s it!

Easy to remove and replace tank: 10 points.


On/off button: 10 points. The same button can be used to change the power. A brief press is enough to turn on off the device.

Main nozzle: 9 points. Easy to adjust with the floor-catcher system, has a special pad for cleaning parquet, easily penetrates into narrow gaps between the furniture and the floor. One wish – it is quite compact, I would like. to be wider.

Maneuverability of the model: 10 points. While the vacuum cleaner is large and heavy, it is very easy to move on its four wheels, the weight is not felt at all.

The convenience of changing nozzles: 10 points. No problems, no buttons – everything is easy to remove and put on, your manicure will not suffer.

Convenience of the tube: 9 points. It is designed for average-sized people. Giants will find it a little short.

Easy to park and store: 10 points. Cleaner is big enough, but compact and does not take up much space. All nozzles fit in a special compartment on the body, the device itself can be stored vertically of course, without water inside .

Easy filter change: 10 points. Water filter is washed after every cleaning with clean water, HEPA filters need to be washed about once every six months, and micro filter needs to be replaced twice a year. In general, it is necessary to be prepared that after each cleaning of the apartment to spend a few minutes to clean the vacuum cleaner, and then let the filters dry up and only then put them back into the vacuum cleaner. But you always breathe fresh air and do not need to buy bags for cleaning!

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