Test the LCD TV Changhong E-24C718AB

Video technology

Advantages: The model shows good picture clarity.

Video equipment


Disadvantages: detail of bright scenes could be a little better.

LCD TV 24 inch Changhong E-24C718AB

LCD TV with LED backlighting, 24 inches diagonal


The new Full HD TV from Changhong is equipped with Edge LED backlighting. Connects to external sources via a variety of inputs, including component and digital HDMI.


When playing a 1080p signal from the component input the resolution was about 580 TV lines. Movements of objects on the screen are displayed smoothly.

As for viewing angle, the colors on the screen darken when viewed from an angle of 30 degrees down, fade noticeably when viewed about 60 degrees up, contrast drops when viewed sideways at an angle of 70-75 degrees.

In general, Changhong E-24C718AB showed a large margin of color and brightness, the quality of black shades display at a fairly good level. Black is deep and white is deep. White objects on a white background are displayed with a medium level of detail.

The comb on the moving oblique lines is practically invisible the signal is played with standard definition . Colors are quite natural, but if you want you can use the 3-step temperature control. Available preset picture modes: “standard”, “soft”, “bright”.

When playing a high-definition signal from the HDMI input, the resolution was about 700-730 TV lines. Motion is displayed smoothly without jerks. The color palette is quite natural. When displaying a standard definition signal on the moving oblique lines slightly noticeable digital artifacts such as comb.

Great color and brightness margin, good quality blacks. Black is deep, white is rich, bright scene detail is average.


The sound of the speaker system is powerful enough, with no audible distortion. Preset sound modes can be used if you wish: “news”, “theater”, “music” or you can adjust the high and low frequencies in a custom mode. Volume leveling function.


The menu is displayed in the center of the screen, is not very large. When you change menu items, they seem to scroll, resulting in the selected item remains in one place all the time. Buttons on the remote control are in black, the center of the remote control navigation buttons. Not only Sleep-timer, but also on-off timer with the number of the program and possibility of setting time interval – once or every day. There is a function of protection against unauthorized access.

You can also adjust the menu transparency at your own discretion.

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