TV test Changhong E46F850EC

Video equipment

Advantages: stylish, original TV with a very slim body. High resolution of the video path.


Video equipment

Disadvantages: when displaying moving objects can sometimes observe small artifacts, typical for LED TVs of this class.

Full HD LCD TV with LED-backlit Changhong E46F850EC

Full HD LCD TV with LED-backlight


Connectors in the stand: two HDMI, USB, LAN, D-Sub – directed to the right, component input, composite input – directed to the back.


A distinctive feature of this model is that the connectors for external sources are in the TV stand, to make the thickness of the body minimal. And this had its effect – the body of the TV looks really almost flat and weightless. So the host will undoubtedly have something to show off to his guests.


E46F850EC showed a large margin in color and brightness. As for viewing angle, the colors on the screen noticeably change when viewing from an angle of about 50-55 degrees. In high-definition playback, the motion is smooth, although the finest color details are a little blurry. In addition, in the standard definition signal when displaying moving objects slightly noticeable comb on the moving oblique lines, which in general does not impede the visual perception of the dynamic picture. Black on the screen is deep, white is saturated, the detail of vivid scenes is not bad. To adjust the color palette, the viewer can use the 3-step temperature control. But if this setting doesn’t satisfy him, the model also features settings for three separate primary colors that allow you to tweak the hues in a wider range.

With a 1080p signal from the component input the resolution is 750 TV lines.

When playing a signal from the HDMI input, the resolution was about 850 TV lines, indicating the high detail of the picture. The quality of display of black shades of color at a fairly good level.


E46F850EC has plenty of volume reserve with no noticeable distortion. There is a 5-band equalizer for tone adjustment. For greater impact, you can use surround sound mode to fully immerse yourself in the on-screen action, and to protect your ears from unwanted volume jumps, the AVC volume equalization feature is here. The volume bar is on the top left side of the screen when adjusting.


The menu is stylishly designed, while navigating the menu items scroll both vertically and horizontally. If desired, you can set the OSD time with “OSD time” function to show the menus on the screen. Also you can pre-program the TV to turn on and off with the built-in timer. Remote control is in black with slightly rounded edges and navigation buttons at the top. Digital buttons on the remote control are round and have large digits. Depending on the signal parameters you can select one of the image formats: 16:9, Zoom 1, Zoom 2, 4:3, Panorama.

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