Test Changhong E22C718A LCD TV

Video technology

Advantages: smooth motion with almost no digital artifacts, quite natural colors.


Video equipment

Disadvantages: the viewing angle in the vertical plane could be a little bit more.

LCD TV 22 inches BBK E22C718A

LCD TV with LED backlighting, diagonal 22 inches


At this point we’ll note the stylish design of the model with a stand with reflective coating. To connect external sources, the TV has AV input/output, component input, D-Sub computer input, HDMI and USB connectors, as well as a headphone jack.


When playing a 1080p signal from the component input, the resolution was about 500 TV lines. The motion is displayed smoothly. If you want the viewer can use the preset picture modes: “standard”, “soft”, “bright.

Overall, the TV shows a very large color margin. Concerning the viewing angle, the colors fade when viewed from above from an angle of about 60 degrees, when viewed from downward they darken from an angle of about 20 degrees, when viewed from the side from an angle of 75-80 degrees the contrast drops noticeably.

Note the large margin of brightness, good quality of blacks. Black is deep, white is rich, white objects on a white background are displayed with a medium degree of detail.

No digital artifacts like combing on moving diagonal lines are noticeable during standard definition signal playback. The color palette is quite natural, although for the most picky viewers there is a 3-step temperature adjustment, as well as individual color adjustments.

When playing a standard television signal with HDMI, the colors are quite natural. Digital artifacts like combing on oblique lines is almost not noticeable. When you play a high-definition signal the motion on the screen is smooth enough. Resolution is about 600-630 TV lines. Worth noting the large margin of color and brightness, a fairly good quality of blacks. Black is deep, white color is saturated, white objects on a white background displayed with good detail.


The volume reserve Changhong E22C718A not very big, while the sound is reproduced without noticeable distortion to the ear.

For detailed adjustment there are controls for high and low frequencies, surround sound mode.

Volume leveling function to prevent unpleasant sound level jumps.


The menu is displayed in the upper right corner of the screen, the remote control is in black, it has navigation buttons in the center and digital program buttons at the top. Separate button calls Sleep-timer. Also there is an on/off timer which allows presetting not only the time of switching on and off, but also the number of channel.

Depending on the subject, the viewer can choose one of the image formats: “16:9”, “4:3”, “14:9”, “auto.

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