Test Supra MCS-5121: multicooker for every day

Almost all programs necessary in daily life are represented in the multicooker. Only Yogurt mode is missing, so you can cook all kinds of dishes. Among the undoubted advantages is the presence of the Milk porridge mode, which is not very often found in inexpensive multivarkers.


Multicooker Supra MCS-5121


OPPORTUNITIES: 12 cooking programs Rice/cereals, Milk porridge, Steamed dishes, Soups/stewing, Grilling/roasting vegetables, fish, meat , Baking/Pizza, Desserts/Cooking, Pilaf. To keep food hot, to reheat cold dishes.

CONTROL: large LCD display, Start, Menu, On/Off button., Preheat, Timer, Hours, Minutes, Food selector, Light indicator of the selected mode, Audible signal of the end of cooking, Delay cooking timer for 24 hours.

POWER: 860 Watt.

PACKAGE: capacity 5 l, non-stick coating.

ACCESSORIES: Steam cooker, spoon, measuring cup, recipe book.

DIMENSIONS: 43.5×31.0x28.0 cm.

WEIGHT: 4,83 kg.

WARRANTY: 1 year.

WORK LIFE: 3 years.



Supra Multicooker MCS-5121



In all programs, except for rice/meal, you can change the cooking time depending on the type of meal you are cooking.

Steam cooking – range from 5 min. Up to 1 hour, the default setting is 5 min.Milk porridge – range from 5 min. Up to 1 hour, 10 minutes by default., Soup Stew – range from 1 hour to 8 hours, the default – 1 hour, Baking Pizza – range from 20 min. Up to 1h, default setting is 1h Dessert/Cooking – range 0 to 20 min. up to 3 hours, the default setting is 20 minutes.And the pilaf – the range of 20 minutes. up to 1.5 h, the default setting is 1 h.

The Grill fry program has a product selection. This is the reason for the program time setting. Pre-programmed by default for vegetables – 15 min., for fish – 25 min. And for meat – 40 min.

In the programs Steam Cooking, Grilling and Milk porridge, the countdown starts not from the moment the appliance is turned on, but from the moment the set temperature is reached. That is, 5 minutes for vegetables will start to be counted from the time of boiling water, so the total cooking time depends on how quickly the water boils.

The Rice/Grits program is automatic. Cooking time depends on a number of factors: the amount of rice, water temperature, power supply voltage, etc.d.

The programs Rice/Grouts, Steaming, Soup/ Stew, Dessert/Cooking and Pilaf have a delayed start of up to 24 hours. At the same time, the manufacturers themselves do not recommend using this function to the maximum extent, but limit the delay time to 12 hours – for example, for cooking gravy, carrots and tomatoes.


The most requested programs in my case were Rice/Grouts, Soup/ Stew and Grill/Fry.

Naturally, every program was used in cooking. I have steamed corn: put two or three cobs on the grate and in 20 minutes you can enjoy juicy and very soft product.

I made marshmallow in the Baking program. The programmed time was just enough to bake a tender pie. The crust was white on top, as it happens with multicookers, but the pie was easy to remove from the cooking tray and turned upside down, so the appearance was excellent.

And how many soups have been cooked in soup mode?! For some reason, in multicookers, they are especially rich and full-bodied.

The same program is suitable for stewing: beef stroganoff, bolognese, chicken breast with vegetables, goulash, stuffed pepper – here is a small list of dishes that the multicooker coped with the preparation of excellent.

I’ve made pilaf several times – with two programs: “Deep-fry” and “Pilaf”. I cooked sushi rice in the “Cereals” program. The multicooker has never been idle for a day. Sometimes lacked a second bowl in the set, so you can put one dish in the refrigerator, and the second – cook in the bowl.

In general, the functionality of the appliance is excellent, the programs are well thought out and diverse.

Possibility to change the cooking time within quite a wide range. It’s very convenient and allows you to cook a variety of dishes in peace of mind.

The Grilling and Grilling program doesn’t achieve very high temperatures, which is why it’s not possible to cook really browned pieces of meat or fish in it. It is advisable to use it as an auxiliary. For example, when cooking bolognese sauce in it you can fry vegetables with minced meat, and then after adding all the ingredients to use the program Stew.


The Rice program has no countdown, so it is not clear how soon the food will be cooked. In some other programs, where the time countdown does not start immediately, it is just as difficult to understand how long the whole process will take. A little tense, when you look at the screen and see the same time for several minutes. But you get used to this feature of the appliance rather quickly, so it is highlighted as a feature of work and is not a disadvantage.



Press the Menu button to select the required program. When you press it, a color indicator next to the name of each mode lights up. Then use the Clock and Minute button to adjust the time, in case you are not satisfied with the automatic setting. Time is shown on the display. Then press the Start button. And the process begins.

If the Grill Fry program is selected, you should also specify whether you want to cook vegetables, fish or meat by pressing the Food Selector button.

After the end of cooking, a beep sounds and the multicooker automatically switches to the “Keep warm” mode. It is impossible to turn it off so that the multicooker turns off immediately after cooking.

There is a separate button to turn on the Heating from cold to hot . The mode time is 20 min., After that the cooker automatically goes into “keep warm” mode.

Very user friendly control panel, one of the best in this price group of multicookers. And not even all more expensive units can boast of such well-placed and well-thought-out control system. All icons and buttons are large, the display is clear, also there are no difficulties with the interpretation of buttons. The angled placement of the panel is very clever. Thanks to this control, the multicooker is a pleasure to use. No questions arise neither for the elderly, nor for those who have problems with vision.

Very cool that the Reheat function has its own button: even elementary school children can reheat their own lunch.

The button to open the lid of the multicooker is a little bit stuck.


When the multicooker is off, the Menu button indicator blinks and no time indication is shown on the display. Real time display mode is not provided – as a clock this device does not work.




No complications arise. The bowl should be cleaned by hand, with a normal dishwasher detergent, the instructions do not say anything about the dishwasher. But normally professionals do not recommend washing non-stick coated cookware in dishwashers.

Not only the bowl needs to be taken care of, the steam valve needs to be taken out and rinsed with water, then wiped dry.



The multicooker comes with a recipe book. It’s small and fits 9 different Supra multicooker models, all of which are listed on the cover. In it you will find 6 soup recipes, both usual, such as pea soup, and more interesting ones, the most unusual being Hungarian goulash soup. There are 11 meat and poultry dishes. The most interesting recipe, in my opinion, fettuccini with pork and vegetables. Two fish dishes, a couple of vegetable recipes, 6 recipes for baking, a few porridges and a beverage.

The book contains 33 recipes in total. Each one is on its own page, with a list of ingredients, instructions, and a colorful illustration.

Quality paper, detailed description.

Recipes are given haphazardly: soups, desserts, main courses – all mixed up.


Because the book presents a number of models at once, it doesn’t tell you which programs to use. It simply says: “Set the desired mode”. But what mode you need, you should decide for yourself.


I must admit that I was pleasantly surprised by the performance of this model. I didn’t expect from a device in this price group to have such a wide range of functions and, most importantly, such a successful control system. Simple, understandable, logical.

The multicooker perfectly copes with the preparation of various dishes. The only thing it needs is a Yoghurt mode. But this is a great helper both at home and at the cottage. Quite economical, easy to carry, does not take up much space. Design is democratic and modern, will suit most kitchens. In general, we face a very good and, most importantly, affordable for most Americans, model.

Some disadvantages

– Not a very high temperature for frying, impossibility of manual switching off the mandatory function of keeping warm – there are in almost all classes of appliances, not only in this particular model.

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