Test road kettle Vitek VT-1134

Electric kettles

High boiling speed thanks to the high capacity for such a volume. Note the thickest cross section of the wire: 0.75 mm – the manufacturer does not skimp on safety. The quiet operation is a plus, especially nice on vacation. The lid opens comfortably by the handle and does not fall from the open position, so pouring water into the kettle is quite comfortable. The button is big and convenient, the indicator light is bright and in a visible place. Cups small in size but very useful in case of lack of alternatives. The ability to switch the voltage will please fans of holidays in Cuba, the Dominican Republic and other South American countries. And finally, this is one of the most compact models, and in a suitcase often every inch is taken into account.

Small appliances for kitchen

No way to turn the kettle off with the button: if necessary, you can only pull the plug out of the socket. No water level scale, although this is the only model with this disadvantage, where the internal marking of the maximum volume is clearly visible.

Travel kettle Vitek VT-1134


POWER: 1000 Watt.

VOLUME: 0,5 l, the minimum volume is not specified by the manufacturer.



ELECTRIC CONNECTION: length 64 cm, H03VV-F 3G0.75 mm².

CONSTRUCTION: wired connection without stand, opening the lid by its integrated handle.

SAFETY: auto shut off after boiling and turn on without water, warnings about caution in the manual.

CONTROL AND INDICATION: indicator light, power button.

FACILITIES: 105x155x165 mm.


Travel kettle Vitek VT-1134

Boiling Speed

A full volume boils for exactly 3 minutes, which is the second fastest speed result among the kettles of this test! After boiling the water, the kettle shuts off after 23-24 seconds, which is also a very good indicator. Boiling rate: 2,78 ml/sec.

Tested for two weeks boiling the full volume 3 times a day, 2 times in a row

This is the kettle had to travel: two trips of almost two weeks each, we drank tea from it 2-3 times a day, and it has proved very worthy.

Operation of the safety system auto shut-off for boiling and too little water

Two tablespoons of water boiled for 47 seconds, then the device shut off.

Travel kettle Vitek VT-1134

Noise level

One of the quietest models, it does not disturb even when someone is asleep nearby e.g. in a hotel room .

Extraneous tastes and smells of water boiled in this device

The first few days there is an odor inside the kettle, then it goes away, but if you keep the kettle closed for a long time, it appears again. Probably from the silicone seal, as the plastic does not smell at all. The smell is not transmitted to the water.

735 Dollars.

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