Test road kettle Scarlett Doris SC-021

Electric kettles

One of the most compact models in the test was pleased with the quality of plastic – it is quite dense, matte rubberized , gives a sense of durability and reliability, and most importantly, does not smell. Kettle has a handle with a comfortable grip, on its outer side there is a special non-slip coating. Two small cups with handles are included – very convenient! I also really liked the quiet operation.

Small appliances for the kitchen

No water scale, only indications of minimum and maximum water level inside the tank. You can not see them very well, because they are the same color as the body. The removable lid also has a disadvantage – it takes considerable effort to remove and insert it, which is inconvenient when the kettle is hot: for example, if after one portion of boiling water you need a new one. The main disadvantage – the kettle can not be turned off manually: if you want to stop the heating, you will need to unplug the device.

Travel kettle Scarlett Doris SC-021



VOLUME: 0.5 L, min 0.15 L.

HEATING ELEMENT: disc sealed.


ELECTRIC CONNECTION: 70 cm length, H03VV-F 3G0.75 mm².

FITTING: 2 plastic cups, travel pouch.

CONSTRUCTION: ergonomic non-slip handle, removable lid, marks of maximum and minimum water level inside the kettle.

SAFETY: automatic shutoff after boiling, protection against overheating and switching on without water, precautions in the manual.

CONTROL AND INDICATION: indicator light, trigger.

DIMENSIONS: 150x200x100 mm.

WEIGHT: 460g.


Travel kettle Scarlett Doris SC-021

Boiling Speed

A full volume boiled for 6 minutes and 50 seconds not a very accurate data, because exactly define the boiling time is difficult because of the lack of scale of water level, to turn off the kettle is in no hurry – only after 38-40 seconds. Boiling speed of 1.21 ml/sec.

Tested for two weeks boiling a full volume 3 times a day, 2 times in a row

The model has proven to be reliable, no excesses with it did not happen. I spent the trial period of the kettle in the office, the only complaint: FASTER, I really want some tea!

The work of the protective system auto shut-off at boiling and insufficient water volume

Two tablespoons of water boiled for 83 seconds, then it was turned off. The result is not the best, given that this kettle can not be turned off manually. We were about to unplug it because we were afraid of an emergency situation, but at that moment it finally turned off.

Travel kettle Scarlett Doris SC-021

Noise level

One of the quietest models in the test, probably due to the quality and thickness of the plastic. Great for traveling with the baby: if he’s sleeping, you can drink tea next to him without worrying about waking him up.

Extraneous tastes and smells of water boiled in this appliance

Not noted.

590 Dollars.

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