Test of the floor scale VITEK VT1967-W

I liked the model as a whole – simple and handy, although it is harsh: it showed the highest percentage of fat. Maybe I have water in my fat? Or muscle – just a little? There must be an explanation that at 165 cm tall and weighing 68 kg with clothes, please note! I’m on the verge of obesity. I was so offended I even ordered a pizza!


VITEK VT1967-W – scales with the function of determining the parameters and body mass index

POWER2 CR2032, 6V batteries.

body weight measurement,

determination of percentage of fat, water and bone mass,

calculation of Body Mass Index.


electronic, automatic power-on, automatic shutoff in 15 seconds. after normal weighing,

It has a 30-second display for weight analysis.,

10 memories for up to 10 people,

Display with backlight and display of all user data,

error code display,

Overload indication, low battery indication.

ROST100-220 cm
AGE10-100 years.
MEASUREMENT ERRORaccuracy of body weight measurement: claimed – up to 1 g, in practice -100 g
WEIGHT2.6 kilograms

Test 1. Body weight measurement

Result 68.7 kg. Repeatedly, without shifting the scales, -69.1 kg. Weighing in clothes jeans and T-shirt plus underwear . The claimed accuracy on the website of the manufacturer “to one gram” contains, pardon the pun, inaccuracy. We found out empirically: the accuracy of these scales is up to 100 g: no, for example, 68 kg685 g, the display does not provide for such a possibility.

Scales turn on automatically: you just have to stand on the platform. Then choose one of the units of measurement – kilograms, pounds, or hundredweight. Our option – kilograms. Readings are clearly visible, digits and icons are clear, no need to change the angle of view to see, but not enough backlighting of the display, it is a bit dark, and digits and icons are black.


Test 2. Easy to control/program data

Press SET button to start programming. It is controlled by the buttons “more/smaller” and SET the analogue of OK, confirmation of the action . User data entry begins with selecting the memory cell number by successive pressing of the up/down buttons, this is the most common “leaflet. We choose the user number with his data – from “P-0 user” to “P-9 user”.

You can view personal information in user cells by pressing SET in sequence. If the cells are not filled, then fill by leaflet to set the sex, age, height : it is very easy – the parameter of sex is marked with icons “boy/girl”, height and age are the default, you just need to adjust with the buttons “more less”. My height is 165, my age is 40 and my gender is female.

Done . After viewing or setting the personal data it is necessary to press again SET, in this case the display will show the characters 0.0. If you do not need to see the personal data, then, after selecting the user number, you should wait until the display shows the characters 0.0. All very convenient and logical!

Test 3. Weighing with measurement of body parameters

Results: 30.7 % body fat, 45.0 % water, 3.8 % bone it is a pity that it is not in kg, because most of the charts I have found give the values in kg, so you have to read! Body Mass Index 25.2%. Muscle mass is not measured by this device: in order to evaluate the effectiveness of the combination of diet and exercise, this scale is not suitable.

All data – weight, water, fat, bone content and BMI – appears at the same time and is saved on the display for 30 seconds. This is convenient: you have time to realize, memorize and even take a picture of the data. But there is one more uncomprehending thing: on the sides of the screen there are signs of measured parameters in the form of English abbreviations BF for fat content, BW for water, BMI for body mass index and the word “bone” against the results of measurements.

No intuitive icons wave, bone, etc. and no signs to indicate the current state of my body.p. no, which means that a user who does not speak English will have to learn these terms or use the manual.

Check the tables in the manual

My water content percentage: it is interesting that the other scales showed more than 52% water in me at the same time and this scale showed 45%, which is normal. I’m going to go ahead and believe it. No, still checking. After a week, after the salt restriction, – 44%. Slightly. Let’s keep eating the feta, hooray!

The norm of fat content: in women of my age 27-32 %, according to the table in the instructions, means “high”, from 33 % begins “obese”. I have 30.2%, Oh, oh, oh!

For self-care

Floor scales

For self-care

Body Mass Index is calculated automatically. I have it 25.2 and, according to the manual, more than 25 is over the limit, although the manual offers only three gradations. We have seen more detailed tables and higher fatness indexes we need some comfort in our life ! .

I couldn’t check the instructions regarding bone content: no data. But I calculated: the scale has measured me 2.61 kg of bone tissue, which is close to the indicator of the Medisana and is the norm according to the WHO: the average rate for weight of 50-75 kg, according to this organization, -2.4 kg.

Repeated tests

The scales were tested for about a month and a half, I weighed myself once a week and only once missed, no one touched the scales I want to believe! , and they were standing in the same place, I was wearing about the same clothes. The numbers weren’t particularly different in general. The patient is stable!


Serious, gives detailed information about the principle of scales based on the method of bioelectrical analysis of total body resistance, talks about the harm of overweight and underweight, gives tables of norms and deviations in the measured parameters.

Well explained how to use the scale, prescribed contraindications for use. At the same time I have the impression that in the manual there is some information about other scales. It says, for example, that the scales measure muscle mass content, and this is not true! And why is there such a paragraph: “The ideal is to combine diet with a variety of physical activities, while you can observe a medium-term increase in muscle mass in the tissues of the body”. Can’t, sadly! And in one place it says that the maximum weight of the user is 200 kg, and in another one – 180 kg.


Easy to operate, automatic calculation of body mass index, large maximum user weight, clear numbers on the display, auto shut off not too fast, memory up to 10 users, stylish design, a lot of interesting information in the manual.


There is no function for measuring muscle mass. The discrepancy between the actual features with the instructions and the summary on the manufacturer’s website. No backlit display and intuitive icons-symbols with English-language control panel. No mode for athletes.


Among the models: MEDISANA 40480 ISA, TEFAL Bodysignal BM7100, SCARLETT SC-BS33ED79

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