Test of the TEFAL Bodysignal BM7100 floor scale

Double impressions. First of all, a stable reading – that’s trustworthy. Secondly, it is a very simple model, designed to simplify the life of the user and not to burden him with unnecessary details: just take note of the signal and that’s all, it is convenient. At the same time, for such money it is the most expensive scale among those tested* one wants not only super technologies and they are certainly good but also maximum functionality: calorie calculation, for example, and for me, with my tendency to edema – fluid calculation, etc.p.

Also, this scale has been unusually kind to me, and I don’t know if that’s good or bad.17.7 kilograms of fat mass, that’s 25.76% of my weight of 68.7 kilograms. This is much less than the percentage shown by the other models of the test*. So I’ll go to a French bakery for a brioche.


TEFAL Bodysignal BM7100 – scales with the function of determining the total and fat body weight

POWER4 LR03 batteries not included .

body weight measurement

determination of fat mass in kg

Measuring the total weight distribution between muscle and fat.


Electronic automatic activation when you step on the scale automatic shut off,

Backlit LCD display data memory for up to 4 users

Light indicators of changes in weight and body parameters compared with the previous weighing Visio Control system

Display shows the total weight distribution between muscle and fat mass, indication of exceeding the maximum allowable weight.

ROST100-220 cm
WHITEno restrictions specified.
STEPbody weight measurement -100 g step
DIMENSIONS330x350x30 mm

Test 1. Body weight measurement

Result -68.7 kg. Repeatedly, without shifting the scales, when measuring body weight -68.7 kg. Weighed barefoot but wearing clothes: jeans, T-shirt and underwear, which together can weigh about 1.2-1.3 kg.

The scale works automatically: you just have to stand on the platform. display shows numbers clearly and crisply – white on dark background, weight in large size, weight of fat tissue in smaller size.

test 2. Ease of operation/programming data

After weighing the brioche, the “step off the platform” indicator-symbol flashes on the screen. Come off – you can enter your data: sex by selecting with buttons “+” and “-” the desired icon “man” or “woman” , height the default is 160, I pressed five times on the “plus” and got my height 165 , age the default – 34, I pressed six times on the “plus” . That’s it, the scale remembers me and will now need to recognize. Experimented: I got up on the scales – they immediately showed weight, fat and everything else another person got up – they “asked” to get off the platform again and wanted to enter new data. The signs on the display are intuitive and easy to use without an instruction manual.


Test 3. Weighing with the measurement of the body parameters

These scales differ from all tested models* in that they tell the whole truth at once, not piecemeal: how many kilos you weigh and how much fat you have, and its amount is measured in kilograms, not in percentages, as most diagnostic scales have. My result is -17.7 kg.

When re-weighing, the Visio Control system comes into play: light indicators “in an entertaining way”, as the manual says, inform the user what has changed. You can see if there is more or less fat the red indicator is “more, stop eating” the green one is “good job, keep it up!” .

True, people who are underweight may interpret the colors in their own way. It is interesting that the scales do not give out any result for measuring muscle mass no figures, not in kilograms or percent , but they must count something there, because they show the total ratio of muscle to fat mass: there is a scale on the display below, and after all measurements the indicator flashes on it it can slope leftwards, which means that muscles prevail, rightwards, which means that fats are somewhat too much, and can, like in my case, get frozen in the middle. That’s how balanced I am, it turns out!

Also. This scale, unlike other test models*, does not measure bone mass or water. If you only use them to get the fat to muscle ratio, you’re fine. If diagnostic scales are needed for more detailed information, they are not suitable for example, in osteoporosis or old age you may need to monitor whether the amount of bone mass is decreasing, and in many other problems to understand the amount of fluid in the body .

Also, there is no data entry mode for athletes, does not calculate the body mass index it is replaced by a scale of compliance , does not give the recommended number of calories per day.

Check the tables in the manual

This model has the only manual that doesn’t have any tables with fat to muscle ratios. Apparently, the manufacturers’ task was to simplify the user’s life as much as possible: everything is shown in the form of icons and light indicators, so why bother going through the manual and checking something out?. There is a reason, of course, but not for meticulous users and not for those who need a complete picture for medical reasons.

Repeat tests

While retesting, the scale showed from 17.7 kg as it was to 17.9 and again 17.7 kg of fat mass, and the total weight was sinking around 68.7 kg plus or minus 100-200 grams. That’s how stable we are with the scale, but the device has been tested for a month and a half!


Very understandable, understandable, caring: a lot of information about healthy lifestyles and the prevention of obesity, how to achieve sustainable weight loss, about who can not use the scales. How to use it is explained in words and pictures – even a child could understand it. The only manual in which I did not find any “bloopers” and inconsistencies.


Unusual light indicator for weight gain or loss, intuitive user recognition system, measuring the total weight distribution between muscle and fat mass, elementary operation, stylish design.


4 memory cells all models have 10 , the maximum user weight is 160 kg 20 and 40 kg less than other models *. Does not measure water or bone mass, does not calculate the body mass index and calories


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