Test cooker TEFAL VitaCuisine Gourmand VS 7001

Steam cookers

Advantages: the steamer is equipped with many accessories, a special booklet describes great recipes. One of the special advantages is the quite fast steam production.


Disadvantages: and sun stains: in this appliance, alas, there is a very fast consumption of water in the container. Keep your ear to the ground at all times.

Small appliances for the kitchen

POWER: 1830-2000 Watt.

MATERIALS: metal-coated plastic body, non-stick two-sided tray, 2 metal steam baskets with handles, large compartment and lid made of transparent plastic, white plastic rice cooker, drip tray, 6 verin glass containers with plastic lids, stainless steel heating element.

VOLUME: metal basket: 2.5 l, large compartment: 6.5 l, rice bowl: 1.5 l, tray: 0.6 l.

CONTROL: mechanical, timer for 60 min. with automatic shut off, on/off indicator, vitamin+ function with automatic shut off, keeping food warm for 60 minutes. With on/off button that automatically shuts off when there is no water in the tank.

Steam Generation SPEED: Less than one minute, water tank: 1.5L, external water inlet.

DIMENSIONS: 320x430x220 mm. WEIGHT: 2,1 kg.

WARRANTY: 2 years. WORK LIFE: 6 years.



It’s a real health food combo that has revolutionized the way most people think about steamed meals. It is no coincidence that the steam cooker belongs to the Tefal Tasty & Healthy series, because its many different accessories allow you to cook anything you like in it: even a pudding or an omelette.

Portion cups, double-sided trays and two baskets can be used for cooking and the largest container can be used for large meals such as a whole chicken. On the control panel, in addition to the timer, which starts the operation, there are two buttons.

The first one activates the vitamin+ function, which enhances steaming. This function turns on and off automatically, but can also be started manually, for example if you open the lid to add food. The second button is used to start the function of keeping food warm.


Steam in a steam cooker with maximum filling for approx. 25-30 min. Sound signal to let you know when the timer is running and you have to refill the water afterwards. There’s an opening for this on the side. The swivel plate, which holds the water, must be slightly lifted to avoid problems, otherwise the water stays there and won’t drip into the container.

All baskets, glasses and containers have non heat grips and holders. Despite the many accessories, almost all of them are stored inside the steamer and require no extra space.

A buzzer sounds to announce the end of the timer. The annoying thing is that the timer keeps running when the water in the container runs out, making it hard to know how many minutes to add in order to bring the dish to perfection.


In addition to the manual, the steamer has a great book with 90 recipes. Looking at the colorful illustrations, one wants to buy a steam cooker and start cooking immediately, because everything looks so appetizing!

Recipes for steam cookers

Pears with chocolate

Rice pudding

Steamed Raphael

Fish dumplings with red caviar

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