Test Bork CM EEN 9522 SI coffee machine




WATER TEMPERATURE: 1 cup – 66 ° C, 3 cup – 70 ° C.

Cooking two cups of coffee at the same time: No significant difference in the quantity of coffee in the different cups could be detected visually.

Espresso QUALITY ASSESSMENT: the espresso maker gives a steady and tasty espresso with a thick crema that is at least 8 mm thick. Drop by drop, you get a full-bodied, aromatic brew with a distinct sourness, the hallmark of Arabica espresso. The taste of ready coffee was soft, velvety, absolutely no bitter, aftertaste was long, delicate and slightly sour.

Convenient milk froth: The 3D Cappuccinator of this model can claim to be the most convenient in the dough: located on the right side, it moves in all directions, allowing to choose the position of milk froth preparation that is most convenient for the user. The device also has a rubber loop insert – a finger grip, so you can comfortably turn the cappuccinator without getting burned. A beautiful and practical milk cartridge is a must-have item.

The MOLK FILLER TEST TEST WITH SUGAR : the test was successful, the foam is dense and stable, the sugar keeps on it for quite a long time – more than 8 seconds.


overall dimensions: 387x343x422 mm.


PRICE: 17 780 Dollars.


FILLING WATER BASIN: removable water basin slides forward. Some inconvenience is that with the Holder inserted it is impossible to take out the reservoir. A trifle, but still: if you first press the coffee, put the Holder in, and then notice that there is not enough water in the reservoir, you have to take out first the horn, then – the reservoir, pour the water, put the reservoir back and then – the horn. It is not possible to pour water from the top, through the lid, without removing the reservoir, but it has a grip that allows you to take it out with one movement, without moving the device itself. The manufacturer comments: “Coffee machines are often installed in the kitchen in some niches or cabinets, and pouring from above is simply not possible: to do this, you have to take out the coffee maker “.

MIN./MAX. WATER LEVEL IN TANK: available and very convenient to have in-between each 750, 1000, 1250, 1500, 1750, 2000 ml. If necessary, you can use the reservoir as a measuring jug.

On the front panel there are 4 big buttons: ON button, programmed amount of water per cup marked with large letters , 1 and 2 cups of coffee marked with large letters . On the right side, there is a steam rotary switch for the cappuccinator and a boiling water switch for the special faucet.

VOLUME OF COFFEE USED: 1 or 2 coffees can be selected by pushing the buttons.

INDICATION OF OPERATION MODES: backlighting of the buttons not only helps to “communicate” with the device, but also looks very attractive: on a gray steel background “moon” buttons look impressive and very much in line with the HI-tech style.


Solid and stylish – that’s what catches your eye the first time you look at the machine and while using it. Steel body makes it not only beautiful, but also responsible for the strength and safety of the entire structure. Also made of stainless steel holder and filters, which the set of three – for 1 and 2 cups and calories, and each of them is written on the number of cups. In the middle of the front panel is a barometer that shows the operating pressure. Note that when making espresso, it never dropped below 15 bar the optimal level for espresso , which indicates the steady good work of the pump. The coffee pre-wetting function makes the finished beverage more aromatic and the taste more complete. Notably, the model has a separate faucet for hot water, which is especially convenient when in the company of someone drinking tea and someone drinking coffee. It is located on the left and, like the cappuccinator, moves in all directions and has a rubber non-heat protective finger loop. Top platform marmite has small sides and is used to heat cups. The largest tank in the dough makes it possible to prepare a large number of cups at once, which opens up the possibility of using this appliance at parties, presentations, offices, small coffee shops, etc.p. Accessories include a measuring spoon-temper, with one side for pouring coffee and the other for pressing, and a stainless steel pitcher.



ACHIEVEMENTS: consistent high quality of espresso, comfortable and unskilled cappuccinator, presentable exterior, large water tank, comfortable and sturdy holding tank, understandable buttons, water feature, ability to pour coffee in a tall glass.

Disadvantages: The cost of the appliance is close to inexpensive coffee machines.

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