Test 2 Midea microwave oven: the microwave becomes a steam cooker

I have to admit, I like the idea of steam cooking in a microwave oven very much: no need to buy a separate device and look for a place in the kitchen. And the steam is in the oven – it’s not for the red or white, but for a dexterous hostess.

Large appliances for the kitchen

Microwave becomes a steamer: the steamer in the oven

TEST №2. Steaming

The steamer has three parts: a plastic tray where you pour water a perforated metal bowl and a metal lid that keeps out microwaves. Also included is a plastic tray on which to place the fish.

Large appliances for the kitchen

Perforated plate

On the control panel, simply press the “Steamer” touch button to select steam cooking. After that, using the hints, which are on a sticker on the top of the camera, select the desired program. A number is displayed on the screen.

Microwave ovens

Control panel

Then – the choice of portion weight, start – and the oven begins its work.


    Steamed mackerel with lemon – a simple, tasty and healthy dish. And this fish is available both in terms of availability on the shelves and in terms of price.

    Large appliances for the kitchen

    Fish before steaming

    Cooking time for 2 fish – 20 minutes.

    Result: very tender, well baked, juicy fish with a slight citrus flavor.

    I liked this dish very much. In the oven, without steam, the fish is drier and less tasty.

    Big appliances for the kitchen

    Ready fish

    It’s also easy to wash the steamer and get the flavor out of it. The main thing, and this, of course, known to all housewives, first wash the dishes with cold water and detergent, and then use lukewarm.


    Although there is no such program in the range, and this is precisely the disadvantage, we decided to steam vegetable mix, especially since spring is setting up for light dietary dishes that will not increase in the size of their waistlines.

    Besides, steamed vegetables – it’s delicious. After all, they’ll be soft, juicy and full of flavor.

    So, we poured the frozen mixture from the bag into a perforated bowl, poured water into a tray, closed the steamer with a lid.

    We decided that it will take a lot of time, so we did not choose the “Shrimp” program but took a longer one – “Beef”.

    Then everything according to the standard program – choice of mode, weight. Start – and the process begins.

    Delighted with their natural flavors. So it is recommended that the manufacturers still allocate a special mode for their cooking in the steam cooker’s auto-menu.

    Microwave ovens

    Ready vegetables


    Naturally, the microwave oven also managed to reheat the ready meal, the very operation for which everyone loves microwave ovens.

    There are two ways: you can select the heating in the auto menu mode: the time is set automatically depending on the weight of the product. Or after setting a plate with a ready dish or a cup with a drink just press start a few times – each press is 30 seconds of appliance work and then the oven switches on and off automatically after a set interval. Longer times can be selected using the “1 min” and “10 min” buttons hidden under the door.

    A buzzer sounds when the cooking time is up. If you do not react and do not take out the dish, it sounds again. In general, it is impossible to miss it. The alarm will be a persistent reminder to come to the stove.

    By the way, it is possible to manually turn off the backlight of the control panel, which saves energy. It is enough to press once the “Stop” button, which is located at the bottom of the panel in standby mode, and the buttons “darken”. Although, if the microwave is not used for a minute, the control panel will go into sleep mode automatically.

    In general, thought-out every detail, and the microwave oven will not stand idle and cope with many culinary tasks.

    The only thing missing is a recipe book. Of course, you can find them on the Internet. But I wish there was a book that would tell you how to cook with this appliance, like kebabs or French fries. And you would discover the terrible secret of what is the “lemon ball” recipe in the “Breakfast” program group .


    Microwave and steam cooker work well together. Steaming is not only fast, tasty and convenient. It also minimizes the amount of dirty dishes. And the oven itself stays clean.

    In general, not for nothing, the manufacturers are proud of the steamer in this microwave.

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