LG microwave ovens: microwaves become friends with the steam cooker

LG Electronics presents on the American market a series of microwave ovens with a useful accessory for cooking tasty and healthy meals quickly by steaming.


Good nutrition is an indispensable component of a healthy lifestyle. Steam cooking is undoubtedly one of the traditional ways to prepare food with preservation of almost all useful vitamins and minerals and minimal calorie intake.

Would you believe it is now possible to steam cook in a microwave oven, and much faster than a freestanding electric steam cooker?? In addition, this microwave accessory helps to save space in the kitchen and requires less storage space.

A microwave steam cooker is the same as an electric device in its construction and also consists of a base-tray filled with water, a steam rack in which food is placed, and a special dome.

That said, there are certain types of steaming devices designed for different types of microwave ovens. So for simple microwave ovens there is a steam cooker made of polymer. Microwaves penetrating it promote fast cooking, and thanks to the water in the pan and the resulting steam circulation under the lid, the loss of humidity in the food is controlled, preserving its natural flavour.

For ovens with convection or grill, there is a special steamer accessory, the “Talent Dish”. It consists of a dome, grid and a special tray, where the water is poured. Stainless steel dome surface blocks the effect of microwaves directly on the food. Water is heated and steam is generated by heating the tray food is cooked in its own juice, ensuring excellent taste and preserving the useful properties of food. The “Talent Dish” accessory not only allows you to steam cook in microwave ovens, but also boil eggs and grill foods, forming a crispy crust without oil.

The “steamer” accessory comes with the following LG microwave oven models: MS2040CB, MS2040KB, MS2040SSB, MS2040HLB, MS2040JLB, MS2340FB, MS2380UB, MH6340FK, MH6380UB.

The “Talent Dish” accessory is used in such LG microwave oven models as LB8088HLC, LB8088HRB, MC8289URC, MC8289BRCS, MH-6388VRC.

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