SteelSeries has made magic crystals for TheSims4

SteelSeries, in partnership with Electronic Arts, today announced a new line of products dedicated to the game TheSims4. It will include a gaming headset, gaming mouse and mouse pad with fabric surface QcK series . The gaming headset and mouse have been designed specifically for TheSims4, and give the player the ability to observe the emotional state of their Sims even outside of the game – the player will get to live a second life with their characters.

Computers & Peripherals

For the first time, players can see how their Sims are feeling right now in The Sims4, thanks to a special Crystal the Crystal, or Plumbob, that hangs over the heads of the Sims in the game, a symbol of The Sims that pulsates and glows based on the strength of their character’s emotions.

“The Sims has arguably one of the best fan communities in the world, and we wanted to give them all the opportunity to delve even deeper into the game,” she said

Rachel Franklin, vice president and head of The Sims Studio.- TheSims4 game revolves around our new Sims and their emotions, and we believe that using such gaming gear will only strengthen the bond between a player and their characters.

Working with Electronic Arts has allowed us to pass on the passion and commitment we bring to The Sims community, one of the most passionate and active audiences in the gaming world,” said Tino Soelberg, head of engineering at SteelSeries.-We can’t wait to unveil these truly unique devices to all players, whether they are new to The Sims or are veterans of the Sims game.

The Sims 4 Gaming Headset

Computer Headset

The gaming headset comes in white, with a glowing Crystal on each ear cup that changes the nature of the glow depending on the Sims’ emotional state. The headset has a snug fit, on-ear design and connects to your PC via USB. Excellent sound quality makes it easy to hear your Sims’ “speech” as well as music, ambient sounds, and other Sims’ communication.

TheSims4GamingMouse and QCKMousepad

Computer Headset

White gaming mouse has a simple and ergonomic three-button design. Just like the headset, it features Crystal, reflecting Sim’s emotional state. The new QcK mousepad will perfectly complement this perfect gaming kit. The Sims 4-themed pad features a unique microfiber surface for smooth, glide-free gaming.

All TheSims4 line of gaming gear will be available this fall, at the same time as the game itself.

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