Spectacular gaming with OMEN and HP Pavilion

At Gamescom 2019, HP Inc. Introducing OMEN software and services, new OMEN and Pavilion Gaming Series products designed to deliver an unparalleled gaming experience for gamers at any level.


Gamification has become a global phenomenon – 2.3 billion people worldwide play computer games, and their desire to hone their skills requires more than just a modern computer. The need to master a game perfectly motivates 38% of gamers, and 35% of game lovers put the competitive factor and improving their gaming skills at the forefront. Introducing Coaching and new services from the OMEN Command Center, players will have the ability to continuously improve their skills and achieve better results.

In addition to feature-rich software and services for gamers, HP also announced new monitors and accessories including the OMEN X 27 display for gamers, the OMEN Mindframe Prime headset, the OMEN Encoder keyboard and a number of new products from the OMEN Transceptor accessory category. New additions to the Pavilion Gaming lineup include the Pavilion Gaming self-loading desktop, the Pavilion Gaming 800 keyboard, and HP’s first AMD-powered gaming notebook, the Pavilion Gaming 15. Completing the portfolio are the HP 22x and HP 24x monitors, perfect for gamers looking for a balance of price and quality.

OMEN is listening to the gaming community and is committed to creating a leading-edge ecosystem of hardware, software, content and services,” said Anne-Sophie Hadberg, head of Personal Systems EMEA, HP Inc. – With the latest additions to our software and hardware, including the OMEN Command Center, OMEN X 27 monitors and Pavilion Gaming desktop, HP is giving gamers the opportunity to enhance their gaming experience by helping them hone their skills and achieve better results.”.


New Features

OMEN Command Center, which can be installed through the Windows Store on any Windows 10 PC, takes things to the next level with a host of powerful new features designed to transform it into a centralized gaming tool.

– OMEN PC Coaching will initially support League of Legends, with more games to come. This AI-powered tool from Mobalytics analyzes gameplay and indicates player strengths and weaknesses, allowing for performance improvements.

– My Games gives players control of their own devices and central access to their individual game libraries. In addition, it tracks in real time how many hours a player has spent playing a particular game and provides weekly statistics.

– The new Profiles feature supports the OMEN Sequencer keyboard and OMEN Photon mouse and allows you to customize your OMEN PC and accessory profiles to match your mood, activity or gaming preferences.

– With Rewards Beta8 currently launches in the U.S. from Versus Systems, gamers will be able to earn prizes in their favorite games, helping them improve their skills and compete against other players.


Speed and Visual Effects

The new OMEN X 27 monitor features Quad HD2 resolution 2560 x 1440 with high dynamic range and 90% DCI P3 color gamut to provide a truly immersive gaming world. With the high frame rates that eSports gamers demand from high-performance PCs, the monitor features a top refresh rate of 240Hz, a 1ms response time and is ADM Radeon FreeSync™ 2 HDR9 certified to avoid screen tearing even when playing HDR games. The OMEN X 27 has a striking design with three ultra-thin bezels, an adjustable metal stand and an external light which can be adjusted through the OMEN Command Center, as well as a new patented aiming aid function which allows you to customize the shape and color of the sight.

Accessories for our winners

The new OMEN Mindframe Prime comes with several improvements. Revolutionary active cooling feature based on FrostCap technology incorporates passive cooling through a graphite heat sink in the enlarged ear cushions. Integrated Surround Sound System 7.1 C-Media’s Xear™ technology for realistic spatial awareness and accurate positioning of audio sources in games. Integrated Noise Cancellation ENC blocks out unwanted room noises so that a player’s voice comes through clearly even in the heat of battle. Finally, the new OMEN Command Center – OMEN Audio Lab – gives you total control over your sound and includes a 10-band equalizer with a variety of presets, sound level customization and switches for surround sound 7.1 and noise-canceling microphones.


Since a mechanical keyboard with blue switches already exists OMEN 1100 , the new OMEN Encoder will have two kinds of Cherry MX switches: red ones for those who want incredibly fast and smooth performance and brown ones which are quieter and have a slight shock absorption. Especially for champions, the model is equipped with antigosting on all keys, the software on the Omen Encoder is integrated into the Omen Command Center.

Style and excitement throughout

OMEN has always focused not only on gaming products but also on high quality products for everyday use and the recent introduction of the OMEN X Transceptor backpack is evidence of this. OMEN’s Transceptor range has expanded to include new travel options including the OMEN Transceptor Duffel Bag for 17.3″ devices and the Rolltop Backpack for 15″ devices and the classic Transceptor 15 Gaming Backpack. Another new headset case for OMEN Transceptor created specifically for the new OMEN Mindframe Prime.

Familiar gamer solutions brought to life

The new compact Pavilion Gaming desktop with a case volume of just 15 liters emphasizes the upgrade options. Despite the modest size, users can install up to three hard drives and expand memory, add video and network cards and Wi-Fi connectivity. Powerful enough for the latest games and multimedia projects with support for up to eight-core 9th generation Intel i7 or 12 third generation AMD Ryzen™ processors, graphics cards up to NVIDIA® GeForce® RTX 2070 and the latest RTX 2060 SUPER™, and up to 32 GB DDR4 memory.


The updated Pavilion Gaming 15 is HP’s first gaming notebook powered by the AMD up to Ryzen™ processor, presented in a bold black chassis with sharp edges. Featuring NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1660Ti Max-Q13 graphics card, ultra-thin display edges and refresh rate of 144 or 60Hz at 1080p resolution, it delivers full immersive gaming experience. A dual fan, wide rear exhaust vent and enlarged air intakes maximize airflow to optimize overall notebook performance while keeping the notebook cooler, even during extended use. Designed for reliable gaming sessions and content creation, the notebook with Wi-Fi option and gigabyte speeds is equally successful for work and play.

Every computer needs a keyboard – the Pavilion Gaming 800 features quiet but fast red mechanical switches, unlimited simultaneous key presses, removable palm rests, and a four-zone LED backlight with switchable modes.

Introduced Pavilion Gaming ecosystem products are the perfect match for the new HP 22x and HP 24x gaming displays, both feature 144Hz refresh rates, 1ms response time, AMD Radeon™ FreeSync™ technology, high quality built-in speakers and adjustable stands. HP 24x with G-SYNC® technology and ultra-thin bezels for an immersive gaming experience.

Prices and start of sales in America

– The OMEN X 27 will be available in October with pricing information to follow.

– OMEN Mindframe Prime headset will go on sale in September for 12,990 Dollars.

– OMEN Encoder Keyboard – pricing and availability to be announced.

– OMEN Transceptor bags will be available in October starting at 4990 Dollars.

– The Pavilion Gaming desktop will go on sale in October, with prices starting from 58,990 Dollars.

– Pavilion Gaming 15 notebook – pricing and availability in America to be announced later.

– The Pavilion Gaming 800 keyboard is already available in America for 5990 Dollars.

– The HP 22x will go on sale in September for 10,990 Dollars.

– The HP 24x will go on sale in September for 15,990 Dollars.

– Game Coaching is already available in Command Center, with Rewards coming to EMEA in early 2020.

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