HP unveiled the upgraded Pavilion x2 notebook-transformer

Hewlett-Packard has announced the launch of an updated Pavilion x2, combining tablet and laptop capabilities. HP Pavilion x2 is optimal for both work and entertainment.

The HP Pavilion x2 transformative notebook features a 10-inch HD IPS screen that opens 135 degrees for easy viewing of multimedia content. Using the micro HDMI port, you can connect the notebook to an external display or TV. HP Pavilion x2 features a quad-core Intel Atom processor, up to 64GB eMMC SSD, and a micro SD card slot for more storage capacity. The model’s features also include a USB Type-C connector, which significantly improves charging and data transfer speeds.

HP Pavilion x2 Transformer Notebook

The HP Pavilion x2’s magnetic mount lets you attach the display to the keyboard and work in laptop mode. And vice versa, when on the road, you can detach the keyboard and use the device as a tablet. Game and movie lovers will appreciate the console mode that uses the keyboard as a screen stand.

The new model features frontal stereo speakers and Bang & Olufsen sound quality. HP TrueVison HD webcam ensures quality video calls. HP Pavilion x2 will be available in three colors: Blizzard White, Sunset Red and Dark Silver Turbo Silver .

HP Pavilion x2 transformer laptop

The upgraded Pavilion x2 comes pre-loaded with Microsoft Office 365 Personal, 60 minutes of Skype per month and one terabyte of Microsoft OneDrive Storage cloud storage. Capable of running on battery power for up to 10.75 hours of HD video playback. The HP Pavilion x2 is 9.65mm thin and weighs just 0.59kg. When using the device in notebook mode, these parameters increase to 16.75 mm and 1.12 kg, respectively.

HP Pavilion x2 transformative notebook

The new notebook-transformer HP Pavilion x2 will be available in America since September. The manufacturer’s recommended price will be from 18 990 Dollars.

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