HP Pavilion Gaming: the weapon of choice for winning games

New York, October 19, 2015 – HP announces HP Pavilion Gaming, a new Windows 10-based laptop. It’s got the striking design and fast performance that’s perfect for gamers.

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“Real gamers are demanding on their gaming machines: they want high performance that guarantees a truly immersive experience, as well as bold design and affordability,” said Louis Perrin, director of consumer products for HP’s Personal Systems and Printing Devices Group in EMEA. – The HP Pavilion Gaming notebook comes with a powerful NVIDIA graphics card, high-resolution display and the latest Intel processors that make for a truly immersive gaming experience. All in a dazzlingly stylish package.


The HP Pavilion Gaming notebook boasts the mightiest NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 950M graphics and Intel® Core™ i5 or i7 processors(2 Sixth generation, which guarantees high performance even at the highest graphics settings. Up to 2TB hard drive HD configurations available to users(4 , HDD(4 – Up to 1TB or a combination with 2TB HD(3 And a 128GB SSD(4 , which will provide both fast app loading and plenty of storage space for information.

Computers & Peripherals

HP Pavilion Gaming has 15″ HD(5 or Full HD(6 IPS displays with optional touch control that guarantee a crisp and bright picture. HP Pavilion Gaming’s thickness is 28.8 mm, weighs 2.48 lbs(7 , 8.15 hours battery life. Novelty will be available in two colors: black and white.

Green backlighting on the keyboard and a stylish gradient snake pattern are among the notebook’s standout features. Intel® RealSense™ technology available as an option(9 , for a more immersive gaming experience, as well as the Windows Hello feature(10 for easy and secure login.

Computers & Peripherals

Multiple ports for connecting additional gaming devices are available for user convenience. These include two USB 3.0, one with HP Sleep and Charge, one USB 2.0, one HDMI for connecting an external display, and an SD card port. There’s also an optical drive for you to install your own collection of games on your PC and an innovative B&O Play audio system for unparalleled gaming sound quality.

Windows 10 OS pre-installed(1 The HP Pavilion Gaming notebook will give users the ultimate gaming experience with unprecedented visuals with DirectX 12 support. Additional features for gamers include Game Streaming functionality and the Xbox app, which allow you to play Xbox One games on HP Pavilion Gaming laptops.



(1 Not all features are available in all editions or versions of Windows. In order to fully realize Windows functionality, you may need to upgrade your system or purchase additional hardware components, drivers, software or BIOS updates.

(2 Multi-Core technology is designed to improve the performance of certain software products. Not all users or applications will benefit from its use. Requires 64-bit operating system. Performance and clock speeds will vary based on application workloads and hardware and software configurations. Intel numbering is not an indication of high performance.

(3 Part of the total system memory RAM is used to provide the graphics processor/video card performance. System memory allocated for GPU/video card performance is not available for use by other programs.

(4 For hard drives, 1TB = 1 trillion bytes. Actual formatted capacity less. Up to 35GB reserved for system restore software.

(5 HD content required to view images in high quality.

(6 FHD content is required to view images in high quality.

(7 Actual weight varies by configuration.

(8 Battery life with Windows 10/ MM14 depends on a variety of factors, including device model, configuration, installed applications, functionality, usage type, wireless operation and power management settings. Maximum battery capacity decreases as you use it. For more information, visit the bapco website.com.

(9 Additional software or third-party applications may be required to use the features described. Depending on your country of residence, some or all of the features described may not be available or may be under development. For more information, visit //intel.com/realsense.

(10 Some features, including Windows Hello and Continuum, require the latest hardware. See. hp web sites.com/go/windows10upgrade and windows.com/windows10upgrade. A preview version of the product is shown. Applications sold separately.

(11 Approximate retail prices. Actual prices may differ from listed.

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