Smeg SMF13WHEU planetary mixer

Profiteroles, peach cobbler, ciabatta, homemade bread. Many housewives dream of buying a planetary mixer for baking.

The Smeg SMF13WHEU turns an ordinary kitchen into a sparkling room. But will it turn an ordinary housewife into a chic cook, let’s check it out.

Smeg SF13WHEU planetary mixer

Features of the Planetary Mixer


50’s styled range.

Power: 800 Watt.

Bowl: capacity 4.8L tempered glass.

Control: stepless speed adjustment in 10 steps, blocked rotation with mixer head up.

Materials: die-cast aluminium body, hardened steel gears.

Special features: Smooth Start.


  • Eggs – from 3 to 12 pieces
  • Shortcrust pastry up to 2.8 kg
  • Leaven yeast-free dough for bread, pizza, pasta – up to 1.3 kg
  • Creamer – up to 1 litre.

Attachments: stainless steel whisk for whipping lighter products egg whites, cream , flat beater, flexible silicone whisk, dough hook.

Care: glass bowl, nozzles can be washed in dishwasher. The silicone inserts are removable and dishwasher safe.

Dimensions: 378 mm with lowered head 490 mm with raised head x402x221 mm.

Weight: 9.5 kg.

Warranty: 1 year.

Country – Manufacturer: Italy China.

Price: 55 990 Dollars.

Smeg SF13WHEU planetary mixer


  • Aluminum dough hook – for yeast dough, dumplings, etc.d.
  • The flat beater – for mixing soft ingredients. Suitable for making custard, puff pastry, shortcrust pastry.
  • Stainless steel whisk – for mixing, whipping cream, sauces, cream.
  • Stainless steel whisk with flexible silicone elements – used for mixing dough and whipping batter.

First impressions

I’m used to small mixers, but the Smeg SMF13WHEU is big and heavy, judging by its construction materials.

When I took it out of the box and put it on the table, I just loved it. The Smeg SMF13WHEU is a beauty, no picture can do justice to its beauty. Having said that, I’m a familiar person: I’ve seen a lot of equipment and I’m familiar with the Smeg range.

Interesting reaction of people far from home appliances market and in principle indifferent to it. Everyone who came into the kitchen on test days just “hung about” in front of the mixer: touching it, looking at it, asking questions.

Smeg SMF13WHEU is brilliant and transforms your environment. So to speak, it would be desirable to correspond: to hold a posture, to put on a dress with a magnificent skirt, to play Elvis Presley, to feel as a heroine of “Mad Men” series.

The Smeg SMF13WHEU makes your kitchen blender a joy to behold. You don’t need to actually turn it on – just leave it on for all to see.

But it works, too!

Smeg planetary mixer


Only two switches: the stepless speed adjustment on the top and the head lift button on the side. It automatically locks the mixer’s operation if you pressed the lift button, forgetting to turn off the mixer.

Smeg SF13WHEU planetary mixer


  • You put the bowl in place, turn it clockwise.
  • Choose the right attachment, put it back in place. The procedure is simple and intuitive, you don’t have to open the manual and look for explanations.
  • I can add ingredients in the bowl with the crown up, because that gives me more freedom of movement, as well as with it down.

Convenient and easy to operate.


Having such a great mixer sets the mood for cooking feats. You want to make something special all at once.

Profiteroles according to Seleznev’s recipe

A worthy treat to test this mixer.


I’ve made custard dough before, using this exact recipe.

I whipped it with an electric hand mixer

. That’s why it’s especially interesting to compare the results.

The Smeg SMF13WHEU did a great job! The brownies are taller and more fluffy, and just melt in your mouth. I ended up making them every day for as long as the test went on. Well, because it’s delicious! And with a mixer, it’s quick.

What’s the difference to a hand mixer??

First, your hands are free. And maybe that’s why the dough takes longer to whip and comes out more fluffy.

Secondly, the design of the whisk is different from that of a regular mixer, which is good for quality.

Thirdly, you can do it all by yourself. Anyone who has made custard dough knows that you have to gradually add eggs to it. When you’re the only one holding both the mixer and the bowl, it’s uncomfortable to do this, you either have to call for help or stop the work. It’s very simple – the mixer goes round and round, you add the eggs one at a time.

After you finish kneading, everything is simple: you lift the head by pushing the button and take the bowl out.


The mixer comes with a set of recipe cards in various languages.

Smeg SF13WHEU planetary mixer

I decided to bake bread from a postcard.

All the more reason to check how the mixer can cope with the preparation of large amounts of dough. In the proposed recipe requires 500 grams of flour – that’s almost twice as much as making bread in the bread machine.

I did everything step by step, only instead of beer yeast I took some regular yeast and made the sourdough with it.

I poured 500 grams of flour into the mixer bowl, added the starter, and while the mixer was mixing I slowly filled it with water. In five minutes the dough was already kneaded to perfection. Removed the bowl and put the dough directly in it to finish in a warm oven. Another great thing about this mixer is that you can put the glass bowl in the microwave as well as in the fridge, if you like.

After an hour the dough came up, at minimum speed the mixer stirred it for a couple of minutes. Then I took the dough out of the bowl, shaped the bread, and set it to rise. After an hour I put the bread in a hot oven, and after 30 minutes the fragrant aroma was overpowering not only my family, but all the neighbors.

We get a huge loaf with crispy crust and soft inside.

I must say I’m a little afraid of yeast dough, for me it’s always easier to put all the ingredients in the bread maker and let it do it all by itself.

But this mixer makes baking fun: you don’t have to knead, shuffle, or worry that it won’t work. Almost as easy as with the bread machine, and you choose the volume and shape of the loaf.


Custard cream

I can handle big portions, but can the mixer handle small portions?. I poured two quenched egg whites and a little salt into a bowl and topped up the mixer. I add sugar while mixing. A few minutes and the whipped cream is ready.

The mixer handles small volumes, and the bowl can be put in the dishwasher if you don’t want to wash it with your hands.

What’s up

  • I couldn’t find any indication in the manual about the maximum running time of the mixer without interruption. I overheated it once and it stopped working. I turned it on and checked after about 10-15 minutes, it’s working fine.
  • I prefer to have a second bowl, so you can make the cream in the other, for example, while the dough is rising in the first.
  • Manufacturers offer interesting accessories, such as an ice cream maker. You can use it to turn whipped cream with strawberries into a delicious, chilled dessert.

The results of the dough


Smeg SMF13WHEU planetary mixer – more than a mixer. For those who love to bake, it’s like a high-class pastry chef nearby. Its range of accessories offers you the perfect choice for whichever type of dough or cream you like. It works fast, beautifully, like a real professional.

Award-winning design, highly functional, wide range of supplied accessories, durable materials, easy operation and care.

You need to buy a second bowl separately.

The consumer recommends

We test, you buy the best

Buy Smeg SMF13WHEU planetary mixer

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