New Stadler Form planetary mixer Mixer Three at the Home Appliances Show

From April 11th to 14th at the Home Appliances Show, Stadler Form company will present its new planetary mixer Mixer Three, which guarantees professional food processing results and convenient operation, which makes every culinary experience a pleasure. The key advantage of this device is perfect blending and whipping of any food with almost no input from you.

Stadler Form Mixer Three Planetary Mixer

This is achieved largely thanks to the planetary mixing system which performs the movement of the nozzle around its axis and around the circumference of the bowl at the same time. So the result is a perfect, homogenous consistency without lumps. The mixer is also equipped with the innovative Scrapemaster whisk attachment that minimizes food sticking to the bowl walls and the attachment, which is perfect for mixing small quantities of ingredients. In addition to a choice of attachments, there are 12 mixing speeds available. They are switched by a rotary knob, which is also the engine start button. It goes step by step thanks to the function

Smooth start system that prevents splashing. For splash-free operation, there is also a special bowl lid with a filling chute through which you can easily add ingredients without stopping the mixer. You can set the timer or stopwatch before you switch the appliance on. The timer is useful in cases where the recipe specifies the recommended mixing time.

Learn about other advantages of the mixer and try it in work from April 11 to 14 at the Home Appliance Show at Crocus Expo pavilion 2, hall 5 .

Exhibition details and free entry ticket on cep-expo website.

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