SMEG Retro Style Gifts

This year SMEG is celebrating its 70th anniversary, so SMEG is giving gifts in retro style to all its admirers.

In particular, for the fans of the iconic FAB refrigerator SMEG America for the first time in the American market carries out a special promo.


The conditions are more than interesting: until June 30th, when buying a standard model of FAB28 refrigerator, it will be offered either a kettle without regulation , a toaster or a citrus juicer of the same cult series “50x Style”.


The company is sure that design admirers will certainly appreciate this offer and hurry to take advantage of it, because time is limited!

Today’s holiday is a celebration of the stylistic


Seeking to reflect in the appliance concept the trends of the post-war economic boom, SMEG found inspiration in the American-style refrigerators depicted in Hollywood movies of the 50s.

SMEG rethinks the concept, giving it more personality and offering it first in

in pastel shades of blue, cream and green

, typical of the style of the ’50s, which was then followed by


other vibrant colors such as


Ferrari, Dutch

orange, blue

electric and the rest of the range of colors available today.

The bright colors are reminiscent of typical ’50s enamel, but the material is far more durable and resilient and easier to clean than enamel.

Compared to fridges of the 50s era FAB is in fact an Italian acronym for “convex fridge” Italian. “frigorifero d’arredamento bombato” , as well as the English word Fabulous transl. The rounded and minimalistic forms make it a true “icon of style” as well as the “legendary” one.

Following on from the compact FAB28 single-door, SMEG is introducing other sizes of refrigerator into the range – from the diminutive FAB5 to the super-sized and capacious FAB50 – and is also launching a collection of small appliances in 2014.


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