SINBO SCM 2943: Turkish Coffee

Sinbo company, one of the largest Turkish manufacturers of household appliances, represents an electric coffee maker SCM 2943, allowing you to enjoy the aroma and taste of properly prepared coffee at any convenient time and at home and in the office.


Sinbo SCM 2943 electric pressure cooker makes the process of coffee making quick and easy. To heat the water just place the coffee maker on a standard base and press the button. The device automatically shuts off when boiling or when there is no water.

The model is designed for the use of ground grains.

Effective heating power of 1000 watts, which go to 400 ml of water and quickly bring it to a boil.

Sinbo SCM 2943 coffee maker is equipped with only one switch, which is responsible for the supply of electricity to the heating element. Thanks to the diode backlight you can see the working device at night or in poor lighting conditions.

The housing of the kettle is made of stainless steel, resistant to mechanical damage and corrosion. It can be easily cleaned from coffee grounds and limescale.

Long plastic handle helps to hold the distiller Sinbo SCM 2943 safely at pouring the drink, and a specially shaped spout prevents spilling of liquid.

  • VOLUME: 0.4 L.
  • FEATURES: concealed stainless steel heating element, 360° rotation, delivery with power cord, on-off button./off. With backlight, dual safety system with overheat protection.

Sinbo SCM 2943 electric coffee maker is on sale now at 1400 Dollars.

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    What are the unique features or advantages of SINBO SCM 2943 Turkish Coffee machine compared to other coffee machines in the market?

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    Is the SINBO SCM 2943 a reliable and efficient Turkish coffee machine?

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