Screw juicer Zigmund & Shtain ESJ 770

The apple harvest – it’s time to gather apples. There’s a lot of them this year. It’s time to make juices to recharge yourselves with summer vitamins in winter too.

Review of the Zigmund & Shtain ESJ 770 auger juicer. How she juices carrots, apples, grapes?

Zigmund & Shtain ESJ 770

Features of Zigmund & Shtain ESJ 770

Functions: juicing of any soft and hard fruits, vegetables, berries, herbs, nuts, citrus fruits, apples, bananas, kiwi, tomatoes, carrots, cabbage, celery, strawberries, currants, pomegranate, etc. .

No frozen food, ice, dry cereals or pulses.

Power 180W.

Controls: On/reverse button on the body.

Mode: continuous operation for up to 30 min., 30 min break., it is not recommended to use this juicer without food.

Features: DC-motor with a noise level less than 65 dB, 65 rpm, the plug – anti-drip, self-cleaning function, rubberized non-slip feet, the length of the cord 120 cm.

Accessories: juice filter, sorbet nozzle, apple slicer, cleaning brush.

Safety: auto shut-off in case of overload and overheating, lock out in case of improper assembly.

Dimensions: 463x220x170 mm. Weight: 4.4 kg.

Warranty: 1 year. Durability: 3 years.

Country of Origin: China.

Price: 9090 Dollars.

Zigmund & Shtain ESJ 770

The design

The Zigmund & Shtain ESJ 770 auger juicer is large enough for auger juicers, but more compact than centrifugal juicers. It will not take much space on your countertop.

Beautiful color of the body manufacturers called “golden metallic”, in my opinion, it’s more like “olive metallic”. Thanks to it the juicer looks noble, reminiscent of a warm early summer morning, filled with sunlight and birds singing.

The juice squeezer can be carried easily by the handle on the back of the body.

Assembly – disassembly is simple enough.

The manual says that it is necessary to make sure that “the notch on the filter and the red marker on the bowl should coincide.” In fact, everything is simpler: everything is intuitive, you just put all the accessories and the marks find each other. If not assembled correctly, you simply can not close the lid, and the juicer will not turn on.

For disassembly simply unlock the lid – turn it counterclockwise – and pull out the auger and nozzle from the body.

Juicer stands firmly on the table top, non-slip, legs have anti-slip coating.

Two containers made of transparent plastic – for juice and for cake – hold 800 ml each 700 ml is convenient for pouring , there is no graduation mark on them, which is not always convenient.

The diameter of the hopper is 6×3,5 cm. This is one of the largest sizes used in auger juicers.

Included knife for slicing apples.

It is possible to cut the apples into quarters, which is enough for making juice.


The design of the juicer is clever, the device is easy to assemble and disassemble, it is easy to carry. Wide inlet allows not very finely chopped products to make juice.

Zigmund & Shtain ESJ 770 juicer

Check the functions

As part of the comparison test, we checked how


Makes juice from standard foods: apples, carrots, oranges and grapes.

We got the ingredients for all the juicers from the same store from the same batch.

We did not pre-soak the carrots and apples in order to make the test as close as possible to the normal daily use of the devices.

After getting the juice, it was weighed and filtered through a sieve to determine the amount of pulp.

Zigmund & Shtain ESJ 770 juicer

Juicing apples

I pre-cut the apples into quarters, they fit easily in the hole, I did not have to cut smaller.

From 1 kg of apples in 2 minutes. 10 seconds we got 705 g of juice with pulp, after filtration we got 606 g of juice.

Juice from oranges

Oranges peeled and cut into quarters.

From 1 kg of oranges in 1 minute. 30 s produced 700 g of juice with pulp, after filtration – 640 g of juice.

Juice carrots

The carrots are peeled. The large ones were cut lengthwise in half, the small ones were put in whole.

1 kg of carrots in 4 minutes. 30 s produced 432 g of juice with pulp, after filtration – 354 g of juice.

Juice their grapes

Grapes were black with seeds. I peeled the twigs beforehand.

From 1 kg of grapes in 2 min. At 16 seconds we had 815 grams of juice with pulp, after filtering – 790 grams of juice.

  • It took the fastest time to juice oranges, then apples and grapes almost the same amount of time, the hardest carrots took the longest to juice. In this case the time does not exceed 5 minutes.

If we consider that the juicer is able to work for 30 minutes without interruption, then in 1 cycle it can turn 14 kg of apples into juice!

  • I squeezed most of the juice Zigmund & Shtain ESJ 770 from the grapes, oranges and apples showed approximately the same result. The grape juice had the least amount of pulp, so I didn’t have to strain it at all.

Zigmund & Shtain ESJ 770 juice

Shooting in the interior of the Elfa Furniture Factory.


The Zigmund & Shtain ESJ 770 juicer performed perfectly in all test tasks and showed good results when juicing various fruits and vegetables.

The juicer processes the pulp well, the juice is homogeneous without pieces, the pulp is crushed into small uniform particles.

Not the juiciest apples gave a juice, not a puree as it sometimes happens with screw juicers.

The cake is dry even with such a juicy fruit as grapes. In this case the cake consisted of particles of peel and pips.

Manufacturers recommend products like carrots be cut into small pieces. I was too lazy to do this: I cut the large carrots lengthwise in half, I did not cut the small ones at all. The juicer did a great job, the main thing is just to put the fruits one by one into the hatch, no hurry to add the next batch while the juice from the previous one is squeezed.

The Zigmund & Shtain ESJ 770 juicer squeezes juice fast, in about 5-6 minutes you can make a drink for a family of 4 people.

  • The juicer has a soft start on power-up.
  • Very low noise level during operation so as not to interrupt the conversation while juicing.

Zigmund & Shtain ESJ_ 770


Everything is standard.

The juicer needs to be washed by hand. The set has a brush to clean the mesh filter. If you wash immediately after juicing, the procedure takes a couple of minutes.

There is a self-cleaning function: you can pour water and turn on the juicer, dirty water will pour into the jug. Such cleaning is possible if you want to change the product from which you squeeze the juice, but it’s no substitute for a “general” cleaning after finishing the brewing.

Test results

Zigmund & Shtain ESJ 770 juicer


The Zigmund & Shtain ESJ 770 juicer has a very long running time of half an hour without interruption. I can juice 14 kg of apples, 13.5 kg of grapes, 23 kg of oranges in this time!

Large enough inlet enables you to chop food not too finely.

Zigmund & Shtain ESJ 770 showed careful and fast juicing of various products with low noise level. Juicer will be in demand both for everyday juicing and as an assistant for processing large amounts of products. Good performance speed and spin quality, long hours without interruption, low noise.

Color of the juicer is exquisitely beautiful, but will not suit all kitchen sets.

the consumer recommends

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