Zigmund & Shtain ESJ-768/ESJ-769 Screw Extraction Juicer

The new Zigmund & Shtain ESJ-768/ESJ-769 electric auger juicer allows you to juice any vegetables, fruits, berries, nuts, herbs and even herbs!

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Getting juice in this model is the most modern way – the cold pressed squeezing, when the screw rotates at low speed, crushing the fruit and gently squeeze the juice from the pulp through a steel filter. Pressing without intense friction, heat and oxidation of the ingredients. Therefore, the finished freshly squeezed juice has a homogeneous consistency, a beautiful natural color, rich taste, and most importantly, retains all the vitamins and minerals.

The new Zigmund & Shtain juicer is very easy to use.k. It has a wide mouth – 75 mm! That is, you do not have to cut the fruit into several pieces, and you can put it in the juicer as a whole. It saves working time and energy.

The juicer comes with various attachments, which greatly enlarge its range of applications. Large-mesh steel strainer enables you to make juices with pulp, fruit or vegetable puree or even smoothies. And for those following a healthy diet, the sorbet attachment is a real innovation – diet fruit or berry ice cream made from frozen fruits or berries without added sugar or milk.

The Zigmund & Shtain ESJ-768/ESJ-769 is a stylish and functional juicer. Safety of use of this model is guaranteed by the function of locking the motor in case of improper assembly. In addition, the device will automatically shut off if overloaded or overheated.

The Zigmund & Shtain ESJ-768/ESJ-769 auger juice squeezer has one more important function that every housewife will love! The self-cleaning function makes the device even easier and more comfortable to use. Pouring water into the hopper and starting the mode allows you to automatically rinse the inside of the appliance and easily clean the filter.

Another addition worth noting is the removable valve “anti-drip”. It prevents unwanted juice leakage from the bowl, allows mixing ingredients for multicomponent juices and beverages in the bowl, and also contributes to the effective implementation of the self-cleaning function.

The possibilities of the Zigmund & Shtain ESJ-768/ESJ-769 auger juice squeezer are almost unlimited. This compact device will give you healthy and natural fresh juice, fruit or vegetable puree, smoothies and sorbet. For your convenience the juicer comes with a colorful recipe book with step-by-step instructions for preparation of healthy vitamin drinks and desserts. Enjoy taste and health with the Zigmund & Shtain ESJ-768/ESJ-769 juicer!

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