Mini Zigmund juicer review&Shtain ESJ-767

Technique for drinks

Large filling hatch, convenient handle for carrying the device, reasonable price.

Zigmund &amp  Shtain

No other color models.


Press juicer Zigmund&Shtain ESJ-767


POWER: 150 Watt.

MODES: 1 speed, reverse.

SPEED: 80-90 rpm.

FEATURES: 10 cm high hopper, size 6×4 cm, color white with green trim, rubberized switch on the handle, indented containers for easy carrying.

SAFETY: locks, does not turn on if not assembled correctly.

FITTINGS: power cord length – 120 cm, 2 containers for juice and for cake , cleaning brush, instruction manual.

DIMENSIONS: 37x17x23 cm.



PRICE: 5990 Dollars.

Zigmund &amp  Shtain


Continuous operating time – 30 minutes, a break – 7-10 minutes. No more than 2 minutes idle power.


In the instruction to the device says that “the size of carrots should not exceed 80 mm in length and 15 mm in thickness. Loading interval should be at least 5 seconds between servings”. Let’s face it: we didn’t measure carrots with a ruler and generally have a hard time imagining such a picture in the kitchen, we just cut large carrots in half so the pieces would fit in the loading hatch. No problems with the processing of this firm vegetable.

I got 46,5 g 51 g juice with pulp from 100 g of carrots.


About 41.2 g of thick juice came out of 100 g of apples.

It may seem that the weight of the resulting product is less than that of some other juicers, but the resulting mixture was more like a juice than a puree, that is, the percentage of pulp in it was less, respectively, the juice is cleaner.


I got 50.6 g of juice from 100 g.


100 g of blueberries were processed into 75 g of puree.

There was almost no waste, all berries were chopped and got into the juice.

Beverage Technique


The construction of the juicer is very well suited: the large, solid handle makes the device easy to carry from place to place.

The rubberized button is located on the handle and has three positions: on the top – the device works, in the middle – stop, in the bottom – the reverse is activated. Reverse only works when you press the button with your finger, this prevents accidental activation in this mode. The position of the button is comfortable, the finger finds it by itself.

Assembly and disassembly of the juicer is standard, quite tightly removed the bowl. Before switching off, by the way, it is recommended to activate reverse for a short period of time to facilitate the removal of the press. In principle this method is suitable for all auger juicers.

The inlet of the hatch is large enough, in it easily fit quarters of an orange and halves of small apples.

The lid has a latch, which has to go behind the groove on the lid. If the juicer is assembled incorrectly and the latch is not closed all the way, the device will not turn on.

Technique for drinks




No product selection restrictions

Extra. Purée basket



Button: location and convenience


On the handle, under the finger.

Tight, reverser works by holding a finger.

Sucking hatch



Extra. convenience


Handle by the bowl for easy carrying of the appliance

Price/performance ratio


One of the most affordable models

Overall Score


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