Review of the Vestel VDD 386 MSE double-chamber refrigerator

The stylish two-meter giant – an excellent choice for a large family. Large refrigerator and freezer compartments can hold many guests’ meals.

Vestel VDD 386 MSE refrigerator in metallic silver color features modern design, easy operation and excellent quality.

Vestel Vestel VDD 386 MSEVestel_VDD_386_MSE_2 Refrigerator

Vestel VDD 386 MSE double door fridge-freezer


DIMENSIONS: 200×59.5×63.3 cm. WEIGHT: 78 kg.

VOLUME: total volume 341 l, refrigerating chamber 254 l, freezing chamber 87 l.

BRAND: Vestel, Turkey.


COLOR: silver, external metal handle.

WARRANTY: 3 years.

PRICE: 20 990 Dollars.


Vestel VDD 386 MSEVestel_VDD_386_MSE_1 Refrigerator

The door is equipped with the new MEBAK handle of modern design, which meets the tastes of the most demanding customers. The handle is in aluminum, very resistant and comfortable to use.

Automatic defrost system for both chambers – No Frost.

Comfortable design of the compartments, durable glass shelves and bulky storage drawers in the freezer allow making the most efficient use of the internal space of the refrigerator.


Large LCD display, easy to operate.

Temperature indication of the refrigerator and freezer compartments.

Vacation, ECO, Super-freezer modes.

Childproof lock child lock .

In the Holiday mode, the refrigerating compartment maintains the temperature +12 °C , and the freezer compartment works at the standard -18 °C. It saves energy and prevents the formation of mold and unpleasant odors.

ECO- low power operation. The refrigerator compartment will operate at +5 °C, the freezer compartment at -18 °C.

Large appliances for the kitchen

Automatic No Frost system.

4 tempered glass shelves with moulded edges, 3 of them height-adjustable.

2 transparent drawers for vegetables and fruits.

Door shelves, bottle holder, egg shelf.


Super Cool with optimum -1 to -2 °C temperature.

The fresh zone in the refrigerator compartment allows you to maintain a constant level of humidity for optimal storage of fresh fruits and vegetables, ensuring that their useful properties are preserved.


Automatic No Frost system.

No manual defrosting required.

Fast freezing mode.

In this mode the temperature in the chamber decreases to -32 °Ñ that allows to achieve immediate deep-freezing while preserving the appearance, health properties and taste of the products. Freezer compartment returns to automatic mode -18°C after 24 hours.

Fast beverage cooling mode.

Freezer compartment has 3 large, transparent drawers.

Ice mold.

Bottle holder.

Cooling-off time in the event of a power failure: 14 hours.

Freezing capacity of 10 kg/day.


Energy class A, energy consumption 1.16 kW/day, 422 kW/year, climate class ST/N 16°C-38°C .


Noise level 46 dB.

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    How long does the Vestel VDD 386 MSE double-chamber refrigerator typically last before needing repairs or maintenance?

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