The review of double chamber refrigerator Vestel VNF 366 LWE


Display, automatic defrosting of both chambers, fast freezing and cooling functions.

Vestel VNF 366 LWE Refrigerator

No bottle shelf, not the right climate class for the south.

Refrigerator Vestel VNF 366 LWE


DIMENSIONS: 185x60x65 cm.

VOLUME: total: 335/322 l Fridge compartment: 231 l, Freezer compartment: 91 l.

Energy efficiency class A, power consumption 383 kWh/year, climatic N +16°C to +32°C .

FRIGERIZER: NoFrost, freezing power – 7,5 kg/day, storage temperature -18 °C, safe storage time in non-operating power mode – 13 hours, three clear plastic drawers, one hinged and two sliding, ice mold.

COOLER: drip defrost system, Super Cool mode, two vegetable and fruit boxes, 3 tempered glass shelves with sides, height-adjustable, 4 height-adjustable shelves on door, bottom one for bottle storage, with a rim, 2×7 egg containers.

CONTROL: electronic, LCD-display, indication of the temperature mode in each chamber, Freezing and Eco mode.

CONSTRUCTION: 1 compressor, coolant R600a isobutane , hinged doors initial direction – to the right , noise level – no more than 46 dB, front legs adjustable in height, rear legs on castors, weight 68 kg.

COLOR: white.

WARRANTY: 2 years.



The screen displays the temperature in each of the chambers, allowing you to create the right conditions for storing different foods. In the event of any malfunction, the corresponding symbols appear on the display. In addition, you can use the digital control to activate the Holiday and Eco modes. In the first case, the temperature in the refrigerating compartment is maintained at +12 °C, and in the freezing chamber at -18 °C, in the second case, the refrigerator operates with reduced power consumption.

Both chambers have an automatic defrosting system.


Unobtrusive. Due to the absence of the top panel and the bottom tray, the doors occupy the entire surface of the refrigerator to make the appearance of the refrigerator especially integral. Designers “hid” inside the plastic corners normally found on the top and bottom edges of the doors.

Shelves on the refrigerator door extend the full width of the door, allowing for more convenient food placement.


The model is notable for the automatic defrosting system of both chambers and the availability of the electronic display that allows setting and controlling the refrigerator operation.

16 280 Dollars.

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